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I understand Eileen's question and am facing the same dilemma! I have gorgeous maple floors throughout my entire house, but we are planning to refinish the basement as soon as possible, and hardwood is out since it is sub-grade. I'm wondering if I try to match the rest of the house or go with something that contrasts. Carpet is out of the question with the amount of animals we have!

Should We Try To Match Laminate Flooring To Existing Hardwood?
Good Questions

6/6/11 01:30 AM

I live in Colorado Springs now and our neighbors act like saying "hello" or making eye contact may give them the plague - I've never seen such rude people before. I lived in Hawaii before this, and our neighbors were like instant family. I really miss that feeling of community... it felt much safer too!

Do You Know Your Neighbors?
5/27/11 02:57 PM

@splatgirl - An easy and less expensive way to get long and skinny tiles is to purchase tiles in a 12" square, then cut them down smaller. The work is tedious, but easy - you'll have to have a wet saw there anyway! If you cut it in quarters to 3"x12" rectangles, you'd have very interesting, designer looking tiles for no more cost than purchasing the most basic squares.

Marble Subway Tile
3/16/11 12:00 PM