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If people don't want to invest in an egg cup - there's another way: Use a bottle cap off the top of a water or soda bottle, before it goes to the recycling. It holds either the fat or pointy end of the egg quite nicely! And the bottle cap gets an extra use, no unitaskers necessary!

How to Open a Soft Boiled Egg
3/8/12 07:12 PM

@Natalie635 - I'm in Berkeley and I'm in the market. I just love these stoves and was a little heartbroken the house we just bought didn't have one of my dream stoves like I'd hoped. Would you mind sending me an email with details? k dot gaines at gmail

Style Inspiration: Vintage Stoves
1/31/12 08:36 PM

I second (third? fourth?) the idea of command strips. I've hung several sets of curtains with them and never have had a single problem with paint peeling as babyfishmouth is worried about. As long as you take the command strip off by pulling the tab until it releases instead of prying it off the wall, it works wonderfully. Good luck!

Hang Curtains without Drilling into Rental Walls?
Good Questions

12/7/11 06:45 PM

We keep ours hanging on the wall using the small hooks that guitar shops use. They currently hang in the living room, and because they're not laid out in a straight line, they almost look like art. We have hidden the hard cases underneath a sofa, whose legs you can't see. The extra bonus here is that having the guitars constantly on display means they get played a lot more!

Display Guitar Equipment in Small Apartment?
Good Questions

12/5/11 11:25 AM

Dill pickles. I have always offered whomever I'm eating with the pickle that comes with my sandwich. As a child I really liked the sweet gherkins that my grandmother would put into potato salad, and would happily munch on plain ones as an afternoon snack.

Not sure what changed it, but when I was at a restaurant about three weeks ago, the pickle started looking really tasty. In retrospect I'm not sure I'd ever even tried pickles - it was just the smell that had put me off. But now I'm completely sold! Love 'em.

Otherwise I've always been really keen on veggies!

Do You Have a Vegetable Conversion Story?
10/4/11 09:41 PM

Williams-Sonoma also offers the same 10% discount for a year after the date, for what it's worth

Breaking Up… With My Couch
9/9/11 06:39 PM

@Mattgomery Burns - I'm going through a very similar situation as your girlfriend was (also in CA). Might you be willing to talk me through the process in more detail?

Just printed out those cashed checks and yep, just like you said, landlady's account info is printed very clearly on the back... Something to smile about on a Friday afternoon, for SURE.

I set up a fake gmail account just for this occasion! If you see this (crossing fingers), would you mind contacting me? Email:

for dot mattgomery dot burns @ gmail dot com, dots and spaces replaced and removed

Thanks again for the tip!

How To: Get Back Your Security Deposit
8/19/11 07:41 PM

I actually moved the opposite way: As soon as I graduated college, I moved to Beijing, and so all of my furniture was furniture I had there.

Then in January, my husband and I had to make a move to San Francisco, and we were going through our things trying to decide what of our home we really wanted to keep to remember. The IKEA sofa? Not so much, but the antique wood carving that used to be part of a gate? Absolutely. It still hangs above our bed.

And of course we had to take the dog... :)

Setting Up Home In A New Country
8/11/11 05:28 PM

My husband and I are moving into our first house soon, and I plan to announce it through a new service I've found called Postcardly. They turn an email that you send with an attached picture into a physical post card. So we'll take a picture of us and the dogs out in front of the house, use that as the image, and type out the message! It's a life saver for those trying to read my husband's handwriting and it's really a great price performer, as well as being great for older relatives/friends who don't use email!

5 Creative Ways to Say "We've Moved"
8/11/11 04:55 PM

I absolutely agree with romeoandjewels. We just bought a house in Berkeley, and found that Trulia is just not as user friendly as Redfin, and actually updates its databases later. I'd get an alert from Redfin one day with a new house on the market, and a day later, Trulia would list the house. However, Trulia often has the pictures of the house up first, so it's good to cross reference.

We bought our house through Redfin entirely, and had a great experience with it. Their business model is really revolutionary - they give the buyer half of their commission. So we ended up just applying that money directly to our closing costs - truly fantastic!

And homes here are at a historic low, bepsf, and with a very low interest rate already locked in, getting under water in what is STILL a sellers market in Berkeley (I saw a house listed two weeks ago for 500k that went for 750k, and was off the market in about 1.5 days), seems rather unlikely... Even for that home that sold for 750k. Not saying that is the case for all housing markets in the US, but it would be jumping to all sorts of conclusions to prognosticate that buying a home anywhere in the US today would be an ill informed decision.

Online Sources for First Time Home Buyers
8/9/11 12:59 PM

My husband and I were moving from Beijing to Shanghai, with all of our furniture, and of course our 1 year old beagle. She had been vaccinated for everything the beijing vets would give her.

We get up for our morning flight (should be a 2 hr one) and the service we arranged to ship the dog through comes to pick us all up. It starts snowing. HEAVILY.

We get to the airport, jump through all the necessary hoops, and I stand outside watching the dog be loaded onto the plane. Then after I see her closed in (of course with food and water) we board ourselves.

And then we proceed to have to wait for 10 hours on the runway. They wont let anyone off. It gets so bad that they LITERALLY run out of water. They open up the exit doors and let people smoke off the back (think: where did they get the matches that were meant to have been confiscated??). I'm flipping out, but eventually negotiate (in Chinese) for someone to go down and check on the dog, add some water, etc.

We get to Shanghai 14 hours later. We slept on the floor that night, as our furniture was meant to arrive the following day.

The next day, everything goes to plan. Here are the movers, and all boxes are coming up the stairs. But wait! Now the movers are trying to extort us for an extra RMB3000 to get our chest of drawers upstairs. After much arguing and threatening to call their boss/the police, we avoided the "fee."

But wait! It's not over yet!

Two days later yet, we discover that the dog has contracted kennel cough from that tiny yippy dog that was also flying on that same day we flew down. Queue the frantic searching for a vet in a new town, course of meds and expensive vet trips....

A truly horrific move, all in all!

What's Your Worst Moving Horror Story?
8/1/11 07:33 PM

Berkeley has a great system called Casual Carpool, which is basically just a more standardized type of ride sharing. The people still don't know one another, and are still headed in the same place, but instead, there are designated meet up points where cars and passengers wait.

By taking 2 passengers, a driver pays a much lower toll, and the rider saves about an average of $2 on metro fare. (Some drivers ask that each passenger pay $1 to contribute to tolls, others do not).

It's a great system and gets me to work faster than the BART would!

But when I first told my parents that that's how my husband and I commute into the city, they were horrified. Hey, it's been in place 20 years - completely trustworthy.

(Though about same sex passengers - many women on the Casual Carpool forums have said that they don't feel comfortable riding when there are 2 other men in the car, and they wait for the next ride)

Rideshares: Safe or Sorry?
7/29/11 05:32 PM

My goodness cittykitty, did you take a minute to go to the website? Had you, you might have seen that the featured designer at the top of the cite is Wandie Kabule - she's a striking African American travel blogger from LA.

While I completely get that minorities can be seriously underrepresented, this doesn't seem to be the case here. No need to escalate it based on a perceived slight, especially without bothering to take even a precursory glance.

Women and their Wardrobes
Closet Visit

3/15/11 07:46 PM