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I remember hearing somewhere that there's a difference between "naked" and "nekkid": if you're naked, you have no clothes on, and if you're nekkid you have no clothes on and you're up to something. Naked/nude art seems like it should acceptable in basically any context, but nekkid/racy art requires more thought regarding appropriate placement.

Going Nude at Home
7/27/11 12:02 PM

There really is an xkcd for everything: http://xkcd.com/335/

I don't actually find cuddling in a regular bed to be especially tricky, and I think there'd be a high probability of slippy-slideyness that could be irksome during higher-energy "cuddling". I'll stick with my bed.

Would You Buy A Cuddle Mattress?
7/25/11 10:52 AM

joy911: "It's talent mothers used to pass on to their children but I think it died out in the late 60s."

You're saying the knowledge died in less than a decade? The fitted sheet was invented in 1959. http://www.ehow.com/about_4689834_fitted-sheets.html

Can You Fold a Fitted Sheet?

7/19/11 11:14 PM

I've been having a similar conundrum lately, and I echo the suggestions for non-culinary activities. But for the last bit of "But... yummy things..." that's still floating around in my head, I've chosen to geek out on cheese. There's a similar level of expertise that can be aimed for as with baking, and sufficient variety. And yumminess.

On Saying Goodbye To Baking & Hello To — What?
7/19/11 12:38 AM

So lovely, and I echo others' calls for a House Tour, if only to see the Swan Lake mosaic!

Rodellee's Sunny Southern California Style
House Call

6/6/11 10:49 PM

Okay, well, just to play devil's advocate re: omnivores' option to eat vegetarian food if it's all that's available-- I'm perfectly happy to eat fruits and vegetables, but out of respect for my health there's no way I'm eating grains or fake meat (made of soy/legumes). Unless the only food being barbecued is produce, telling me I can eat meat replacements or have no main dish would be *exactly* like telling a vegetarian that they could eat meat or have no main dish.

To the question at hand: asking everyone to bring their own protein source is perfectly lovely; asking only the omnivores to provide their own is rude. If the hosts are providing the rest of spread the request seems more than reasonable.

Is It Rude to Ask Guests to Bring Their Own Meat to a BBQ?
Good Questions

6/1/11 05:48 PM

"It's a simple project that can be a huge space saver in small kitchens and can be installed on almost any drawer — all you need is the right size cutting board for the size cabinets you have!"

I would think that in a small kitchen the sacrifice of an entire drawer and cabinet would be the opposite of a space saver. This is to avoid storing a single cutting board and a small compost bin? I can appreciate the convenience factor but can only imagine it working in a kitchen large enough to exclusively dedicate what would end up being several cubic feet of space just to knife work. Again, it's a very cool idea and would be a neat feature in a large kitchen; I was just baffled by the idea that it could be considered a space "saver" in a small one.

Renovation Idea: Make Your Own Built In Cutting Board
The Farm Chicks

5/27/11 04:17 PM

All of the blocks I've seen have letters printed on each side. Blocks are cubes, and cubes have six sides, so each block has six letters on it, and each letter appears on multiple blocks. Unless your son's name is 26 letters long (and so needs all the blocks in a set), I would think a regular set of blocks would do you fine.

Source for Single Alphabet Blocks
Good Questions

3/25/11 03:06 PM

I have the same pan, and loved cooking with it but hated cleaning it. Specifically, I hated that the handle always left grease on my hand or potholder. I tried just washing the handle with soap, but found it bothersome. Am I just lazy or is there a better way?

Elizabeth's Favorite Pan: Lodge Cast Iron Skillet
3/15/11 05:26 PM