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almost there...gorgeous !

Dan's Kitchen: Almost There Renovation Diary
3/4/14 07:55 PM

another tip - DONT preheat

put the bacon in a cold oven and turn the temp up to 400. by the time the oven heats to 400 your bacon is almost done... i find i only need to cook it about 5-8 mins longer.

i take it out of the oven before it gets too crispy so that i can store in the fridge a little under cooked then as i need it during the week i either broil slices for a few minutes in my toaster oven (on the wire rack over the pan with foil to catch the drips) or pop it in the microwave for a few sec (10-20).

the best way to cook bacon!

How To Make Perfect Bacon in the Oven Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
3/3/14 10:55 AM

you must be so relieved that you are in the home stretch! the transformations in the last few posts have been huge!

will be happy for you to see the conclusion but SAD to not have more posts to read - will you consider starting a blog about the rest of the work in the apartment?

would love to keep up with it!

Dan's Kitchen: Time for Tile Renovation Diary
2/26/14 04:24 PM

too bad there are no photos at her blog ... would like to have seen more of this nice job

Kitchen Before & After: A Bland, Bare Brooklyn Kitchen Gets Some Personality Reader Kitchen Remodel
2/26/14 10:44 AM

Delivered Groceries
Housecleaning (in my dreams!)

i used FreshDirect when i lived in Park Slope once it became available because who wants to spend part of the weekend shopping (and there was no good grocery store there at the time - lots of small places but then the butcher closed and ... )


and then moved north of NYC and no FD (sigh) at first. then when they did start delivering i was unable to justify it because by then i had a car and a very flexible schedule and several good grocery stores in the area. FD does not do free delivery -they have an annual delivery plan . (before the car, i had to use peapod ... uh quite a come down from FD!)

however, this WINTER OF SNOWSTORMS has driven me back to FD due to parking. because i live in a building that has no off street parking, must fight with everyone else on the small dead end street for the available spots. parking is bad in GOOD weather - so i have been playing move the car from one side to the other after shoveling out a parking spot until the next alternate side move.

that means no driving to the grocery so FD to the rescue- sigh, still feels like a luxury!. agree with the poster above about the constant cart total - it has helped me as well. having lived in NYC near Fairway and Citarellas and Zabars, its easy (as in those stores) to put lots of goodies in that cart and then - yikes!

the time saving factor is a selling point for me as well - once the weather clears i may use it once a month for all those basics that are a pain to schlepp (again no driveway so everything has to be carted from the street to the kitchen which is at the back of the building)

as for housecleaning ... that to me is the ultimate luxury. dont know when i can justify it

What Conveniences are You Willing to Splurge On?
2/18/14 09:14 PM

lovely space and with all those closets great idea to turn one into a sleeping nook!

would have liked to see more of the bathroom and the REST of the Kitchen!

Sarah's Curio Filled Studio House Tour
2/15/14 01:42 PM

adding my praise - have enjoyed this renovation vicariously - esp as a renter with big ideas.

Dan's Kitchen: Cabinets! Renovation Diary
2/14/14 05:49 PM


Before & After: Condemned Meth House Gets Majorly Modernized
2/11/14 05:49 PM

this is turning into the MYSTERY Renovation .... who knows when it will end!

Renovation Diary: Dan's Kitchen
1/28/14 10:38 AM

yea so glad to see dan back!

love the fireplace
cant wait to see more....

Dan's Kitchen: Electrical and Plumbing Renovation Diary
1/23/14 09:16 PM

SO much easier than that stoopid insulation film.

there are many examples of how to on the web. just use painters tape and a spray bottle of water. get a big box at staples for free shipping and very little cost

i can tell you that it ABSOLUTELTY WORKS!

my apt has very old very drafty windows and no wall insulation. For the set of windows that FACE THE RIVER one is missing a storm window entirely (landlord refuses to replace - it was missing when i moved in but it was AUG and i didnt notice). and the other is so drafty as to be ready to fall out - dont get me started on why they arent fixed.

its a railroad apartment and this front room becomes a wind tunnel during the winter months... AND the heater thermostat is in this room! finally after eight years of not being able to use this room in the winter and not using the heat because i refuse to pay to heat the great outdoors (or setting the thermostat at ridiculous temps in order to NOT over heat the rest of the apt)... i finally tried bubble wrap this year.

the windows are double hung - i triple layered the wrap on the windows (panes and the across the panes and then another layer across each top and bottom section) and then wrapped the entire window from top to bottom and side to side and sealed with tape.

now i dont use these windows to look out (its just a street view) - so it didnt bother me that they would be obscured - i also have heavy damask curtains with black out liners and a blackout insulated shade ... so by the time the wrap was put on and then the shade pulled down and the curtains close - snug as a bug.

the best is that i can walk in to this room and not feel ANY WIND from the outside and the temp is normal to the rest of the apartment. (i like low temps normally around 55 as my standard).

i also put the wrap on my side wall windows (also old and drafty but with storm windows). these are not sealed shut because they are on the side of the house and dont get the direct wind .... still just adding the wrap to the panes of glass made a huge difference.

5 Ways to Insulate Your Windows for Winter
1/17/14 02:48 PM

i love bbc radio. as most of the mystery and comedies are 30 minutes i use that as my "timer"

i start with one when i get home and usually play at least two... sometimes i get in the mood and play three or four... takes the sting and boredom out of daily chores. and before i know it... i am done

The \"3 Things\" Rule: Inching Toward Cleanliness
1/16/14 06:23 PM

glad all is ok... waiting for the end of the story!

Dan's Kitchen: The Big Hole in the Wall, Part 2 Renovation Diary
1/14/14 02:14 PM

i love bbc radio shows esp the mysteries and comedies on BBC Four extra.

for my birthday last fall, i used gift money to purchase the GRACE DIGITAL INTERNET radio and hooked it into my stereo and wireless speaker system (thru the house). one can listen to any web streaming radio station and podcasts and audio from your computer as well.

my new routine (a few months now) is to tune into one of my favorites shows (they are typically 30 or 45 mins) RIGHT when i get home and then deal with the day's detritus including mail, containers from lunch and whatever other stuff has accumulated around the house, start laundry if needed, deal with the cats (litter, food, etc), then pick a room and sweep and dust and declutter.

i usually end up listening to two episodes - the time flies by .

i have also found that if i sit down and "just check my email " or anything at a computer device - thats it - i am sunk - so i immediately turn on the radio and get moving.

the result has been consistently cleaner house with fewer piles of clutter accumulating. also amazingly all those chores like laundry, cleaning the bathroom and keeping the kitchen clean magically are swept in and dealt with.

and no more marathon declutter or cleaning sessions!

The Lazy Person's Guide to a Happy Home: Tips for People Who (Really) Hate Cleaning
1/9/14 01:57 PM

Because i work in an area where there are few food options and what there are, is expensive (and my salary is not) , i bring my lunch every day.

i have adopted a similar system... i cook up chicken and pork or fish and then cut them up and seal them in bags in the freezer. i also cook up a big pot of rice a couple of times a week and blanch veggies and freeze them. (or use frozen veggies esp organic)

then in the morning i just pull out my freezer bags and assemble lunch on top of a cup of rice... i have condiments at the office and bring extra sauce or grated cheese as desired. i put the lunch box in the fridge and by the time i am ready to eat, the food is thawed so i just heat it for a few minutes.

its incredibly easy and efficient and gives me a nutritious lunch with some daily choices to keep from being bored. (i do not do sandwiches)

and the money savings is incredible. this way i can buy a better cut of pork or boneless chicken breasts and not feel extravagant.

The Art and Craft of Frozen Dinner Kits Freezer Friendly from Jessica Fisher
1/6/14 12:54 PM

gorgeous! colors, styling, everything... beautiful job

Erik & Paul's Happy Los Feliz Home House Tour
1/5/14 04:50 PM

agree... anxiously awaiting ....

Dan's Kitchen: The Big Hole in the Wall, Part 2 Renovation Diary
1/3/14 03:23 PM

oh and the color just happens to fit with my decor... ;o

Enter for a Chance to Win: Mercer Tufted Loveseat from Canvas Holiday Giveaway
12/18/13 01:40 PM

perfect size for my wee tiiiiiiiiiiny apt.

Enter for a Chance to Win: Mercer Tufted Loveseat from Canvas Holiday Giveaway
12/18/13 01:39 PM

love your organizational design.... i too have pegboard but no big wall like yours... the bookcase design in the library is the best.! would love to see the pantry and the walkin closet for more organizational p0rn...

James and Dom's Patience in Pilsen House Tour
12/15/13 10:33 AM