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I'm moving into an apartment with outdated cabinets...I want a way to cover the linoleum cabinets, but this is kinda gross. Tips?

How To: Cover the Kitchen Cabinets In Fabric
3/15/11 04:23 PM

I also think a nice "statement curtain" is really important to make an impact in a room. There are so many amazing styles and textiles out there from Ikea, Anthropologie, Etsy, etc... just plop it up with a curtain track (got mine at Curtain-Tracks.com) and let the curtain speak for itself and make its contribution to the room.

8 Unexpected Bedroom Elements
3/12/11 02:40 PM

I actually read about this once before...so disconcerting! I switched to hotel nylon quality and never went back to vinyl. I made my sister swap hers out as well. Here's the one I bought, FYI: http://www.curtain-tracks.com/curtains/shower-curtains (scroll down to see the non-vinyl options)

Is Your Shower Curtain Killing You?
3/12/11 02:37 PM

Yes, I second Eskimo's suggestion. A curtain track is the way to go...easy to install, it conceals well, the curtains hang nicely from them, etc. We had a similar situation arise with my dining room and we found exactly what we needed at Curtain-Tracks.com - good luck!

Good Question: How To Hang Wall To Wall Curtains?
Los Angeles

3/12/11 02:25 PM

These are incredible! Do you know how they were hung? I'm looking to recreate something similar for my new studio, but unsure of what hardware would work. Do you think any of these would work? http://www.curtain-tracks.com/applications/window-treatment-tracks

Magnetic Curtain by Florian Kräutli
3/12/11 02:23 PM