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The basement stairs likely turn and head down under the area behind the paneling, so there are no storage options behind there. If the woodwork has been painted several times and then striped and still looks awful, I vote for painting it out. I do find the bench interesting and useful, but whatever.

Introducing Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation Renovation Diary
7/8/14 06:08 PM

My personal preference is the eames plywood lounge.

Best Pairings for Eames Lounge Chair? Good Questions
6/27/13 08:38 AM

@ARCHIcritique: You might be right about reclaimed wood thing, however their inspiration pages do not show any exposed building materials, other than concrete floors, which I love. I personally just don't like the aesthetics of an exposed beam of this type. It reminds me of the extensive use of plywood as finish materials in some homes, which I personally think looks cheap in some (most) instances. I respect their choice; it is their house after all! I will wait until the end and see how the finished product looks. :-)

Seth & Allison's Kitchen: New Framing Renovation Diary
3/18/13 11:13 AM

I enjoy following this renovation and resonate with most of the design decisions, however I fail to understand the choice to leave the parallam beam exposed. If warmth is desired I would wrap it in reclaimed wood and make it look like an actual beam.

Seth & Allison's Kitchen: New Framing Renovation Diary
3/17/13 01:29 PM

If possible, I would mount the TV on the wall between dining room and living room windows on an extending swivel mount. You could extend and pivot the TV to face the couch when watching and push it back against the wall when not in use. This depends on the size of TV you have, though, as huge screens are too heavy for this type of mount, I think.

Living Room Layout in Challenging Space? Good Questions
6/13/12 11:49 AM

I agree with talktoearthworms, these homes look to be in great shape. Shame on the city for allowing them to be torn down.

Mad Homes: Houses Turned Into Installation Art
7/20/11 04:37 PM

Where can I get those awesome stools?!

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3/11/11 08:12 PM