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"No, we all know we can't stay..." is the most accurate thought process for us longer-term residents that can't get past $2200 a month for a one bedroom. But why can't a continuously thriving economy exist in a city that will allow us to stay?!

Living In The Most Expensive Cities:
How Long Can We Keep This Up?

9/25/12 03:31 PM

new dream bathroom found.

Before & After: Andi & Dean's Master Bath on a Budget
10/3/11 11:04 PM

The most amazing spooky prettiness! I love it.

Haunting Entry: How to Make a Sinister, Spiky Swag
10/3/11 11:02 PM

English antique white linen?? Sounds so luxurious! And something I'd ruin immediately :(

Literary Dream Homes: Bergdorf Blondes
9/7/11 01:36 AM

If only everyone was so considerate to tread like a ballerina for the downstairs neighbors! I've only lived on top floors myself, so I haven't ever given much thought on how annoying it may be to have heavy walkers or what sounds like constant furniture moving above my head, keeping me up at night. I'm seriously going to start walking lighter on these hardwood floors from now on.

Walk Like a Ballerina: Your Neighbors Will Thank You
8/17/11 03:24 AM

I suppose I live in the Fillmore and can agree that it is pretty friendly! A simple 'hello' goes such a long way..

The Fillmore: The Friendliest Neighborhood In SF
8/10/11 02:35 AM

How amazing would it be to tile something with Heath goods?!

Heath "Dwell" Tiles at Locanda
8/1/11 10:29 PM

Ooo! The best thing i ever found (not counting holes in the wall — hi yo!) was a romance novel. Should've read that

It Came With The Place: Inherited Treasures
7/20/11 06:47 PM

i thought i couldn't possibly love all things confetti more. i was wrong.

Gentler, Quieter Festivities: Celebrate with Confetti
7/7/11 08:02 PM