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I've used matchstick blinds (new or found at thrift stores). In rooms that needed light blocking, I purchased special light blocking fabric and attached it to the window side of the blinds using stick on velcro.

Inexpensive Alternatives to Window Blinds? Good Questions
11/1/13 02:30 PM

I live in North Carolina, and if I'm away for more than a few days in the summer, I leave the toilet lid up. I once left the toilet lid closed for about 2 weeks over the summer. Despite the fact that the AC was on, I returned and opened the lid to find brilliant blue hairy mold growing inside the toilet!

Toilet Seat Lid Up or Down?
Good Questions

2/6/12 04:41 PM

Every time I'm in our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I check the switch plate and outlet covers. I've found some very pretty ones for <$2 each. I'm not very picky about whether all the covers in a room match as long as I like how each looks.

Insta-Upgrade: Switch the Light Switch
8/7/11 03:02 PM