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I'm still behind with a lot of these but have fully completed this task today. Feeling virtuous now. May actually be able to tackle last weekend's kitchen task tomorrow if I get a good night's sleep in my new clean bedroom!

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Bedroom Cleaning & Wardrobe Organizing The January Cure: Assignment # 12
1/18/14 12:10 PM

I'm going to sort out the shelving unit and cupboard (and piles of miscellaneous items inbetween the two) in the spare room. Not sure it comes into the 'couple of hours' category but it would make the biggest impact. There are things in there I never use but find incredibly difficult to let go of as someone else got them for me or they are from my childhood. Hopefully the Cure will cure this area of my home!

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List January Cure: Assignment # 5
1/10/14 03:06 PM

I live in England (the UK not the new one!) and don't have central gas powered heating, which is unusual here. I have electric panel heaters and electric oil filled radiators. I try to keep them off until at least the last week in Oct. It was 9 C the other morning which isn't good when you first get up and get dressed, but I can't afford the bills if I start putting it on to early.

I have a Slanket ( and a cat to keep me warm on the sofa, and the cat sleeps on me in bed when she feels cold so that benefits both of us!
If it gets really bad in the bathroom I might give in earlier and put that heater on a timer, but only for an hour in the morning whilst I shower and dress.

When Do You Decide to Turn on the Heat?
10/8/11 02:59 PM

I lived in a terraced Victorian house (UK) and after 9 months of enjoying it a family, well known to the police moved in and made my life a living hell.
I really miss my beautiful house but was so pleased I moved for my own sanity. It's been 3 years now and still makes my blood boil.
Tell your mom to just give in and move, it's not worth the fight :-/

Experience With Noise Absorbing Ceilings?
Good Questions

3/10/11 01:51 PM