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Gorgeous. So nicely done. I'm inspired!

Nadia's "Yellow & Grey Sunshine" Room Room for Color Contest
10/23/12 05:28 PM

I purchased #20 last year for my entryway. It is an amazing "nautical" fixture at a reasonable price point!

Renovation Inspiration: 20 Flush & Semi-Flush Mount Lights (That Don't Suck)
10/22/12 01:41 PM

Love the outdoor space!

Audrey's Peace & Nature Small Cool Contest
4/16/12 12:18 PM

Yes! We just bought a house with that exact layout (a very open floor plan) this past Fall. We have had several gatherings and everyone will always gather in the kitchen but now they also gather in this bar area. They can sit and relax but still have conversation with those in the kitchen. Our barstools fit nicely under the countertop when not in use. Storage for wine glasses, beer mugs, etc. is a MUST for this area too!

Are Bars Between Kitchen/Living Room Useful?
Good Questions

1/5/12 04:19 PM

No, that wasn't my comment. But thank you all for the nice comments and support! The chair is by Lee Industries in willis mustard from Butterfield in Providence.

Lindy's "Divine Providence" Room
11/14/11 07:46 PM