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These are all great ideas! Here is one that shocked and amazed me. My brain won't shut off sometimes and I just lay there and think. I forgot where I read this idea but it suggested you think of the color blue. That's right. Blue. Every time your mind wanders, nope...back to blue. I find myself thinking and focusing on holding the color in my mind that I finally fall asleep. I guess it keeps you focused on something that holds no emotional charge or thought? And it is hard to see color with your eyes closed in the dark, I find myself thinking of the sky to help me focus. I have no idea why it works but let me tell you, holding onto the though of the color blue works for me!

Steal These Habits For A Good Night's Sleep
10/9/12 06:44 PM

I'm not sure she should still call herself a "shiksa" when she technically is not one anymore as she converted to Judaism when she married. I really enjoy her recipes but she is technically a "former shiksa". In fact I found her site while researching what it would be like to be a shiksa married to a Jewish man. Maybe she should update the name of her blog to keep up with her status.

At Home With The Shiksa In the Kitchen
Kitchen Tour

1/25/12 07:59 PM

Cilantro. I go though at least one bunch a week. It is so weird to me that people hate it! I can't live without it. Plus, if I was on a island I would probably be eating a lot of ceviche. If Tom Hanks can go crazy trying to start a fire in Cast Away, I won't stand a chance.

What Is Your Desert Island Herb?
8/4/11 01:56 PM

Oh my gosh! My dream come true.

Yes, They Do Exist: Cereal Marshmallows in Bulk
8/4/11 01:52 PM

Where is the honey hive looking fan from?

Best Ceiling Fans 2011

8/4/11 01:48 PM

For me, I hate to ask my friends and family to come to a housewarming party when everyone will feel expected to bring gifts. We have a wedding this fall and so many other events leading up to that. So in celebration of our first home, we are going to have a "before" party. That way everyone comes out to see what the place looks like "before" I get my decor and renovation on. I don't have to get the place in perfect shape and that is a huge load off of the party process. And since no one has heard of a "before" party....no one will feel obligated to bring gifts. Informal is more my style anyway and I can't wait to have a "after" party when all of my hard work will pay off!

Do You Throw Housewarming Parties?
3/10/11 12:31 PM