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Thumbs up! Let me know if you need a model for the house tour -- you know, to lounge around in your lovely place, looking effortlessly fabulous.

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2/23/09 03:09 PM

Wow, thanks everyone! Angela, the wife, here. To answer a few questions, the bed can't be moved -- that is the only full wall in the room. And to the left, we have a full wall closet that's closed with a pretty boldly printed drape. It's not colorful (taupe and charcoal floral), but it's a big print.

Keep those ideas coming!

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11/25/08 02:52 PM

We ordered two Tillary sofas from West Elm and ended up returning them -- we hated them. we bought them to use in place of a sofa bed, but found they were uncomfortable used as either a bed or a couch. And the back cushions, which are supposedly weighted to stay in place, slid all over the place, so everything was always crooked. We called it our "sofa kit" becuase it always looked like we had a bunch of sofa parts strewn all over the room. One upside, their return process and policies were really easy.

in the living room, we have the Andre sofa from Room and Board. It's got a pretty classic midcentury shape. It's comfortable, looks great, and best of all, it's pretty resistant to cat claws (we have it in the standard nubby red fabric). R&B's nearest store is in New York, but they deliver nationally for a flat fee of $199 (I think?) for as much stuff as you want to buy.

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10/23/08 07:09 AM

I've been ordering from Scott Bros. Coffee for years, and it's absolutely delicious. They are located in Washington State, but they do mailorder and offer a subscription service, which is great when you tend to forget to order until you grind the last bean! They offer all organic, fair trade coffees from all over the world, and the beans are freshly roasted just before they're shipped out so they're incredibly aromatic and have a beautiful, oily sheen. I've also started buying decaf from them, and it's as good as the real thing. Best thing is I always get a personalized note from Dave Scott with every order! Website is -- they offer free samples, too!

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1/31/08 07:17 AM