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Love the floor! love the idea of Lincoln, a faux verdigris wall finish, substantial floor molding, and copper or oil rubbed bronze accents. But, being an artist, the thought did cross my mind (and many others before me, apparently)... why not do a mosaic of Lincoln in pennies?

Good Questions: Ideas for the Penny Tiled Powder Room?
9/12/12 09:21 AM

It looks like Taj Mahal compared to the last one I had as a renter. It has character; I would play to that. Accentuate what is good about it; the curved ceiling, tall windows, and the height, for starters. I would start by doing one thing that will cost you nothing: Rehang the shower curtain rod higher up on the wall. You can fill the holes left on the tile with white caulk. There are extra long shower curtains available these days (I've seen some on Ebay), and you can even use window curtains. You may be able to hide the tank this way. Plan your paint color wisely; you might not want to go dark on the walls if your bathroom doesn't stay well-lit throughout the day. My impulse is to stay austere with the color.... lighter on the walls, slightly darker on the ceiling. Lastly, I might suggest adding some organic touches in your accessories; bamboo, wood, and natural fibers go a long way to warm up white, and they create a spa-like vibe.

Decorating Help For Horrid Bathroom? Good Questions
8/6/12 05:59 PM

I like the dark wall very much; having said that, it appears you've painted the inside of the window white. Is there some reason for that? I would have liked it even more if the inside of the window framing was painted seamlessly into the wall color, instead of standing out. Perhaps it's just the lighting this time of day making it appear white.

I also suggest that you lower the lanterns just a few inches, so they don't look like they've drifted into the corner like helium balloons, and might also suggest swapping sides with the nightstands. Doing these things will balance the visual weight in the room. I love the warm bamboo blinds in contrast with the cool colors, and the positioning of the artwork. Love the word bubble art. :-)

Before & After: An Almost-Black Guest Bedroom
2/16/12 03:14 PM

The decision is yours, but a home without a tub is a huge deterrent for me, because I am a bath person, and because they are practically a necessity you have children or pets. I would not want to buy a tub-less home unless I could afford to make changes right away. If you are planning on staying there awhile and not having children, pets, or a mate who needs a tub, then you should do whatever you want, but I think anyone who sells homes for a living would advise otherwise. If you go ahead with it, I'd make sure it's a showstopper, if for no other reason than to distract future buyers from the fact that there's no tub.

Does Shower, No Tub, Hurt Resale Value?
Good Questions

9/12/11 02:33 PM

Gonna do this now in my new place. :-)

Before & After: A Terrific Faux Transom Transformation
In My Own Style

8/29/11 07:00 PM

Please name some famous designers that have gone bankrupt because their designs have been copied and sold for less, elsewhere.

Knock-offs stimulate the popularity and desire for a designer's product. Everyone wants what they can't have. If you don't believe me, just walk down the street and have a look at all the butt-ugly handbags women have overpaid for so they can feel good about themselves.

It all comes down to psychology, folks. People want what they perceive is out of reach for most so they can feel "special". So now, everyone wants a butt-ugly handbag, even the people who can't afford an original. I'll bet YOU (reader) have a butt-ugly handbag, too... and strut like a peacock when you carry it.

I could think of at least 20 things that are more attractive than a Herman Miller chair, BTW...couldn't you? Come on. "Iconic"? Maybe. But about as pretty as a butt-ugly handbag..... let's be honest. Not even really all that comfortable. People just want it now because, for whatever reason, it became "desirable", again. In a decade or so, it will be another white elephant that you can pick up at a garage sale for a ten dollar bill.

Tomorrow! Knockoffs: Flattery or Theft??
Apartment Therapy Design Evenings

7/25/11 03:23 PM

Since I can't really add anything original to this discussion, I'll just "copy" all of the commentary that justifies the purchase of knock-offs as a means of having the look at an affordable price, etc, etc.

I suppose that makes me a "knock-off", too.

Tomorrow! Knockoffs: Flattery or Theft??
Apartment Therapy Design Evenings

7/25/11 02:45 PM

Very interesting read. Seems like many people are downsizing these days. "Living large" has lost some of its former appeal.

The Ever Evolving American Dream: Size, Style & Amenities
7/15/11 01:08 PM

I guess that all depends on who your friends are, and whether you are more interested in furniture as an investment rather than an aesthetic.

When someone compliments MY home, the last thing I would do is apologize for the furniture not being "real", but it matters less to me if something is original, only that it fits well within its surroundings. However, I LOVE to brag about getting a great deal, or show off a restored piece that someone else considered "hopeless". ;-)

Will your guests really care if your furniture is original? Mine wouldn't know who Herman Miller was. If you are worried about what your readers think, I think I could safely assume that most of them, like me, are on a budget, and are more interested in achieving a certain look, and not in investment value.

As far as the "supporting terrorism" comment? PFFT.

Should I Be Ashamed of My Furniture Knockoffs?
7/13/11 05:07 PM

I'm guessing C.

Can You Tell Which Chair Costs More Than a New Car?
Design Quiz

6/30/11 01:53 PM

For a home that is comprised largely of street finds and inherited odds and ends, I will say that it is arranged very well, but there are a few things that bother me, too, such as the aforementioned pic 17 , and the hutch in the kitchen that encroaches upon the already very tiny space. The curtains tacked haphazardly to the windows in the bedroom aren't working for me, either (an apparently, aren't working AT ALL, given that the one on the left is barely hanging by a single tack!); I'd rather see nothing there at all, or at least spring for a couple of $1.99 tension rods. And really, speakers are not end tables; an open table solution like the one on the left repeated on the right would be a vast improvement if smaller speakers aren't in the budget.

Joanna & Gerry Collectively Maximize Their Small Space
House Tour

6/14/11 01:59 PM

I'm fine with painting....just depends on the item.

I'm actually debating on whether to paint or refinish an item right now; it's an oval empire pedestal table that I acquired, and has been in a warehouse fire (not burned, but there's a lot of black soot). When I got it, I was sure I would paint it, but after sanding off some of the surface, it appears to be a very nice tiger oak veneer, underneath; now, I'm not sure what I want to do. Hate when that happens.

Refinish Or Repaint: The Great Wood Makeover Debate
6/2/11 05:44 PM

My parents had mostly junk furniture, nothing really worth anything. There was one chrome floor lamp with a frosted glass ball shade that was pretty cool, though, but everything else was a pile of crap. :-P

I Can't Believe My Parents Got Rid Of (Insert Item Here)...
6/2/11 01:42 PM

I love kilims...have several of them. We have W2W carpeting now, so there's no place to really use them.

Complementary Contrasts: Oriental Rugs (and Kilims) with Modern Decor
4/19/11 10:18 PM

My brother has a "Sprout" doll that I gave him when he was in college (He had a 7 foot styrofoam Jolly Green Giant in his dorm). His new wife wanted to throw it out, but he wouldn't let her. It's a compact momento from his pre-law college days.

What's the Weirdest Thing in Your Home?
4/19/11 04:23 PM

Oh, take your pick: A crystal carved into the shape of a free-standing penis, a fortune telling napkin dispenser, a large Ouija board collection (mostly old ones from the 40's); in fact, I collect almost anything that is a vintage fortune-telling device, game, oracle, or novelty. I also have handmade goth dolls. My boyfriend likes skulls.... real or replica. We're not goth, just slightly "off", perhaps. My house actually appears pretty normal until you start to notice certain things. People seem to enjoy it, but wouldn't necessarily do it, themselves.

What's the Weirdest Thing in Your Home?
4/19/11 03:58 PM

Love this makeover! I love finding a dowdy old chair and making it "live" again!

Before & After: Rachel's Rescued Chair
4/16/11 02:53 PM

I would do it. By the time the neighbors got around to complaining about it, the contract would be up. I'm not sure they would pick my home, as it is mostly rock and mortar, but I have lived in some homes that would have been perfect, and on busy streets, too....

Free Mortgage: If You Turn Your House Into a Billboard
4/12/11 06:09 PM


Before & After: Kim & Cara's Painted Plywood Floor
3/29/11 02:05 PM

Ooooh, that's Fuuuugly! LOL! I have seen worse, though, and can't wait to see the "after"!

Save Your Money: Decorating on a Serious Budget
The Art of Furniture Restoration

3/28/11 02:59 PM