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Buy from Ebay rather than Black fig - they are expensive. I have gotten some beautiful suzani's from the bay over the last few years, lovely hand made pieces.
On average you pay around $50 for a Bolinpush, but i have some lovely ones i got for $30. Shipping is around $30 and I have never paid any import tax at all. Ive never had any problems with any of the ebay dealers. Its nice to support the Uzbek people by buy their goods from them too...

Good Questions: Highlighting Uzbek Suzani?
5/22/14 01:37 PM

Oh seriously, that is disgusting and untenable. Nothing smells worse. Well dead bodies maybe...get rid of the idiot. If he wants to destroy himself, let him go and do it elsewhere.
zero tolerance.

How Do I Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke Odor? Good Questions
2/23/14 10:37 AM

OMG, get a life, AT. Exposure to bacteria can actually be good for you, boosting your immune system. Thats why gypsy traveller kids are often so hardy. I have back packed around the world, stayed in $2 hotel rooms in India where even the bedbugs were hunchbacked, no ill effects yet.
If you worried about such things you would go insane in short order.

Look: The Germiest Hotel Room Items

2/23/14 10:26 AM

I would agree, i have a huge collection of vintage textiles, I wouldn't dream of cutting into them! the thought! You can NEVER go back and unless you an expert you will ruin a beautiful textile.

Escape Style: Using Beautiful Fabrics from Around the World at Home
2/9/14 02:24 PM

Approx 90% of reviews of this site are poor to appalling there is obviously something VERY wrong...lots of entries about them in www.ripoffreport.com.

I'll be staying away for one!

Five Things We Like at One Kings Lane
11/27/13 06:31 AM

Thumbs down to polar fleece from me too. I love wool and Alpaca.
The bestest blankets in the whole world are the vintage striped pieces from south America, they look absolutely stunning and are as warm and satisfying as a blanky can be.

Honorable mention to Morocco's beautiful vintage wool blankets too. Pom-pom blankets and Handiras....to die for, no?

Snuggle Up: The Best Blankets
10/30/13 07:19 PM

I agree with Crosberg. I think, in a way, that it is sad that items like Berber wedding blankets are sold out of the culture anyhow...those blankets must have had so much love poured into their creation, they are sacred items, meant for one woman, to cherish for life.

Each original piece has a story, a history. To a poor Berber family it is probably an heirloom, possibly one of the few items of real value they have.

What a sad day it must be to have to sell it....especially to a rich westerner who has many such items, and does not know or care about its heritage.

Yes, you should treat such items with respect In my opinion. Ownership should confer a sense of responsibility, a little thoughtfulness.

What I Bought in Morocco
10/27/13 07:09 PM

Just stop saying 'curated'. Just stop it.

Charlie & Tommy's Haven of Curated Classics House Tour
10/20/13 02:11 PM

Wow, interesting. I adore the old kitchen, and the bathroom in the attic. Don't like the sitting rooms much, just to big & grand to be cozy. The polar bear rug is shocking, poor thing. I'd give him a decent burial if he was mine.

I'd like to see more of it, I wonder if it is haunted? Has to be, surely? That kind of place is not complete without a ghost.

Deans Court: William & Ali's Ancestral Home House Tour
9/22/13 06:37 AM

Very few signs of life or that she actually lives here...I would love to see places that are more real and less staged, feels chilly and soulless to me.

Reed's Soft, Starry Space Nursery Tour
9/22/13 06:27 AM

People are offended by people with bare feet? By a raised toilet seat? by a pan left on the hob? Jeez, how weird.

I can just imagine the holes that would get picked in my place! Its a cute apartment and the women are lovely.

Amy & Meghan’s Charming Nest in Williamsburg House Tour
9/22/13 05:46 AM

I love it. Makes a change from all the white/grey walls we see. The colourful ethnic details really make it yummy. A fave.

Kara's Summer Colors Memories
Room for Color - West #2

9/22/13 04:28 AM

Yeah, this is a cool space! I don't know many men (beside designers) who would be able to put such a cool look together...

Sean's \"Me.\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/22/13 04:25 AM

I adore flannel (we call it 'flannelette' in uk, mysteriously) and won't sleep on anything else, even in summer. Its just so snug and it reminds me of my childhood. I find ordinary sheets 'slithery' and not nice...The worst of all is polyester!! YEUCH! whose idea that was I don't know...sweaty, slithery (that word again...sorry, cant think of a better one) and just utterly gross.
Beds are important - you spend a third of your life there!

Hot Sheet: Do You Flip for Flannel?
9/21/13 10:19 AM

I bought a few of these back from Morocco recently, and they are blankets not rugs. They would wear fast if used as rugs, as it would be a shame to abuse them like this.

I really do wonder at the OUTRAGEOUS mark up of these ethnic goods too, the blankets are available all over Morocco, they have piles of them in many good carpet shops...you do have look through them to find undamaged ones, but there are plenty of them.

its easy to tell them from the new ones as these old peices are all wool... the new ones have a cotton weft. Also the new ones do not have the nice old details, the carefully wound fringes, wobbly lines etc.

And they sell for between $20-$40 over there so to mis-classify them as rugs and mark up so high is very cheeky. its irritating!

Vintage Moroccan Tapis Wool Rug
Daily Find

9/7/13 03:43 AM

I bought a box of the most beautiful alpaca Bolivian blankets at yard sale...$25!! I nearly died when I saw them, They are so gorgeous...$300 each to buy from Twine or L'aviva home.
Still my favorite ever thing!

You Paid WHAT for That? More Stories of Amazing Secondhand Finds
7/30/13 11:19 AM

This was the best tour ever. I love the title, its quirky and quasi morbid and cool but wow people can be sensitive...i guess thats just folk. Its way better than some of the boring and predictable titles. Love the IV pole and think its quite funny for decor, but then I am an RN.The skull is great too...I'd be quite flattered to be kept on someones mantel piece.
These folk seem thoughtful and interesting and intelligent.

Gail & Chil's \"Dead Grandmother\" Style House Tour
7/30/13 11:09 AM

And they wash perfectly in the machine at 40 degress. Come up perfect. No need to be gentle with them, they have been washed 100's of times...probably in rivers and beaten to death by dhobi wallahs...your machine is gentle in comparison.

Win: Two Cotton Kantha Throws
from Harabu House Holiday Giveaway

7/30/13 10:09 AM

Oh God I adore Bolivian blankets like the ones they used to stock at twine (they still have them at l'aviva home if you are feelin wealthy) that's what true craftsman ship looks like folks, they raise their sheep, shear them, spin the wool, dye it and weave it up in these insanely gorgeous stripes sometimes with Inca motifs on...you can pay up to $600 bucks from a boutique like Loopy mango or Pod for one of those...alternatively try ebay, they come up on there every so often, sometimes much cheaper... worth keeping your eyes peeled for.

Fall Blanket Shopping: 10 Out-of-the-Ordinary Sources
Shopper's Guide

7/28/13 09:45 AM

I love this one, feminine and cosy. A relief to get a break from the MCM. Shiva is stunning,interested in her name, Indian roots? (I am Indian!)

Shiva's Eclectic, Romantic Modern Ranch House Tour
7/3/13 06:45 AM