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Wow... thanks to everyone for all the feedback! Especially to everyone who liked the bathroom that we struggled with initially but now totally embrace for all its pink and blue charms. To follow up on a few questions:

@sst-a: Have no fear... we wrote a whole post about the sheaf table on our blog since we like it.... a LOT:

@PhotobugLA: That's a colored pencil drawing from MN artist (and friend of STUDY) Joe Sinness, called "We'll Get Ahead Someday". You can find more of his work here:

@1mcb: We love the Azure sofa. It's definitely not a sofa for lounging, but it's also very comfortable and looks really sharp. It's not a huge sofa, but we tend to find that most sofas manufactured these days are too large - especially for homes made pre-1960/70s. Also, the linen fabric may look delicate, but it wears well.

Andrew & John's Vintage Berwyn Bungalow
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6/21/11 01:12 PM

This is a consistently amazing store. Stop by any time and you're bound to be amazed by some expertly refurbished piece of furniture that would've otherwise ended up in a landfill. Thanks for finally profiling such a worthy spot!

Room Service: Live With What You Love
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3/9/11 11:14 PM