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@ bepsf-- is that your logical Vulcan side talking? I was scratching my head over that premise as well.

Wall-Mounted Nightstands
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3/9/11 08:39 PM

To prevent comforters from sliding around in duvets, without buying fancy clips, you can use safety pins to pin the comforter into the corners. It's easy to do, especially when you are changing the duvet. Start with the duvet turned inside out, lay the comforter on top, and use safety pins to pin the comforter into the corners of the duvet by putting the pin through the comforter corner and one layer of the duvet fabric at the corner [But only run the pin through one layer of the duvet, not both, or you won't be able to turn it right-side out]. Then you can turn the duvet-and-comforter combo right side out, and the pins won't show, and the comforter is anchored into the duvet. Since you use safety pins, and the pins are in the corners, you don't ever feel them. Easy peasy, no need to run to BB&B. Hope this helps.

On The Problem With Duvet Covers
3/9/11 08:27 PM