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Woohoo! Way excited about this!!

Confirmed: New West Elm Store Opening in Seattle!
8/30/11 06:26 PM

We have a 2 tier wood table from C&B, which is usually filled with miscellaneous books or magazines we've been reading, a basket for remotes and electronics, and the inevitable laptop that never makes it back to where it should be in the office. I would love for it to look like something out of one of these photos, but I'm not sure how practical that would be for the day to day.

What's On Your Coffee Table?
7/12/11 11:24 AM

I've been trying to convince my husband that putting dressers anywhere is a good idea... now that I can show him this post - maybe he'll believe me!

Dressers All Over the House
6/21/11 12:36 PM

Love it - been doing this for years. One of the best thrifty ideas!

Thrifty Idea: Framed Decorative Paper
6/21/11 12:35 PM

I'm pretty much in love with that wallpaper.

Walnut Kitchens, Then and Now
5/23/11 12:12 PM

This look is gorgeous. I've never seen anything like it before!

Recycled Cork Mosaic Flooring
5/17/11 12:21 PM

I really love this look. Very clean and minimal. Loving the hardware too.

Extra Large Subway Tile in the Bathroom
5/17/11 12:20 PM

I think about my childhood experiences in the kitchen and with food, and to some degree vow to never cook or eat that way again. I do tend to think (maybe a little too often) about the food legacy that I'll leave behind or how people perceive the food I create. I think it's just one of those things that I care deeply about that doesn't make a ton of sense to other people.

Does Culinary History Matter to You?
5/17/11 12:10 PM

I've always loved the look of serving things on a cutting board. It's so casual and comfortable, no frills or expectations. Especially on a beautiful wood grained cutting board.

The Cutting Board as Serving Platter
5/17/11 12:08 PM

I'd have to say I like more of the light and traditional rooms, although my kitchen is more into the warmer wood tones than lighter tones.

Kitchen Opposites: Which One Suits You Best?
5/17/11 12:07 PM

I'm with BrianneA, I'd love to work with a student for some help with my place! Where can we find them?

Tips for Working with an Interior Design Student
5/12/11 12:07 PM

I grew up with a claw foot tub, which means I'll always love them. My husband doesn't really "get" the beauty of them so I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to have one in my home again.

What's Your Bathtub Style?
5/12/11 12:06 PM

Beautiful bathroom - Very feminine!

A Guest Suite by Lisa Sherry
Lonny Magazine

5/12/11 12:04 PM

I love flavored popcorn. Here are three of my favorite toppings: http://domesstic.com/eat/homemade-popcorn-toppings/

Snack Recipe: Cheesy Spicy Popcorn
The Cheesemonger

5/11/11 03:34 PM

This is a GREAT idea- thank you!

How To Clone Your Herbs
Guest Post from Gayla Trail of You Grow Girl

5/11/11 12:00 PM

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Easy Entertaining with Ice Cream: 9 Ways to Dress up a Scoop
5/11/11 11:57 AM

Yes, although I tend to get hungry. Cookbooks account for a majority of my reading material at any given time during a day. :)

Late Night Reading: Do You Read Cookbooks in Bed?
5/9/11 01:11 PM

I like this idea. I come from a household that only ever did a sandwich bar, but I'd take any one of these over that any day.

Sushi to Sliders: 5 Hands-On Dinner Parties
5/2/11 12:31 PM

I'm with the others, I've never heard of this technique and feel like it wouldn't be worth the extra effort. Is it for presentation? Or for a different flavor?

Survey: Do You Peel Your Asparagus?
5/2/11 12:30 PM

This is cool, although I also was hoping it would turn into something smaller, not just serve a second purpose. I don't know how often I would actually change this table out to be played on rather than eaten on. Cool idea though.

A Transforming Table For Small Spaces From Koraltürk
5/2/11 12:28 PM