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we have that offi table, and its been really great for our family! the kids are always climbing on it or playing on it - no sharp edges - and i like that it holds all my magazines tidily.

4 Fab Finds for Baby and Us
8/25/11 12:55 PM

i love revisiting this topic - i always get fresh, new ideas from everyone else. i tried to bring small tubs of playdoh on the plane a little while back, and they confiscated them!

recently we've discovered "wiki sticks" which are thin sticks made of wax. they work like pipe cleaners, but you can straighten them out and reuse them repeatedly. we also like to load stories up on our ipod. my kindergartener's into charlotte's web now, but we've also really enjoyed peter and the wolf and bill harley.

What To Put In a Travel Bag for Toddlers
Good Questions

10/11/10 11:55 PM

We didn't reserve the entire carousel. The carousel where our party was held is part of a district park, so they charged us a nominal fee to reserve some tables, and we paid money for the tickets. It was pretty low-key. The carousel was still open to the public, but it wasn't too crowded. I think many carousels also offer party packages, too.

Otis' Carousel Birthday Bash | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
12/1/09 11:26 AM

similar idea to the last coat rack is this from ikea:

i like how it can fold away when you're not using it, and it looks pretty sleek.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 5 Coat Racks for Small Spaces
6/25/09 04:12 PM

we love our like-a-bike. our son has progressed to walking slowly on it to riding to mostly coasting now, with his feet up. he really speeds along. it's taught him how to balance, and i think he'll be ready for a 2-wheeler with pedals soon. such a great idea.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Strider Running Bike
3/31/09 04:23 PM

This is how our neighbors cured their son of his super-early morning wakeup time. He waited until the birds started singing. They worked in increments and eventually they got to sleep until 7! We did the same thing with music.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Early Bird Alarm Clock
3/2/09 09:55 AM

maybe i'm a xenophobe, but ones that look just like us. and i'd play them something from duran duran's rio album.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Thursday Giveaway: Acoustic Research AV100b Tabletop Radio
10/27/08 09:10 PM

I'd start/finish the quilt I'm making for my son out of his old baby clothes!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Unplggd Thursday Giveaway: Singer Curvy 8763 Sewing Machine
8/9/08 12:45 PM

i have also had TERRIBLE experiences with unica's customer service. even after spending a large chunk of money on an order, i found them rude and inflexible when dealing with a problem that was caused by them in the first place, and that would've taken very little money for them to fix. it's amazing that they seem to care very little about customer satisfaction. i will never order from them again, and i would steer all from patronizing them.

Apartment Therapy New York | Unica Home: Big, Modern, Fun
6/27/08 04:36 PM

i think we'd have to put it with our little mini-sofa and create a reading nook for the kids!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Monte Design's Cubino Chair
6/19/08 08:09 PM

I love Japanese obento for flights too, although I usually will just buy a prepacked one from the Japanese market. They often come with a variety of little dishes, and you can eat it with chopsticks, which you can take through security.

Lately, though, our regular treat has been to pack BLTs on really good baguettes (pack the bacon separately so it doesn't get soggy). We don't eat them that often, so it's a real mood lifter on the plane!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | What Foods Can You Carry On The Plane?
4/15/08 07:00 PM

we also gave honey as wedding favors. we found a guy who keeps honey on his rooftop in brooklyn (in our old neighborhood) and bought bottles directly from him. he's supersweet, and his honey was so unusual, with minty overtones, although i'm sure it varies year by year.

i found an article about him in the nytimes:

we originally saw his honey at "two for the pot" in cobble hill, and they may be able to help you get in touch with him.

good luck!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Good Question: Local New York Honey Producers?
3/6/08 05:36 PM

Not sure if it's too late to respond -

the wall mounted cabinets are Ikea cabinets with Sorbo doors.

the sofa is from Nume, and DWR stopped selling kids' stuff. you can probably find other sources to buy it, but be prepared for the outrageous price tag.

the Flor tiles are Morning Coffee - i believe in Mocha.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Mini Nursery Tour: Otis in the House
1/24/08 08:51 AM

i've seen cork flooring samples at eco home, in berkeley. we also installed cork in our kitchen, on the advice of our architect. it's good for the kitchen, because it's slightly cushy, so it's comfortable to stand on for longer periods of time. but we've been a little disappointed by its durability. we can see all kinds of scratches on the surface of the tiles from moving chairs (or that time when my husband was playing on the floor with our son and his jeans made a long, ugly scratch). maybe sanding/polyurethane as austinjohn suggests will be our next step.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Cork Tile Revisited
1/22/08 07:32 PM

oooh, i miss grilling in the winter. the grill pan for hanger steaks!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Holiday Gift Bag 2007: Win a Le Creuset 6-Piece Set in Caribbean
12/18/07 10:42 AM

i make chocolate and vanilla caramels every year and wrap them in white and brown parchment paper. i usually cut the parchment with a paper cutter, and it goes pretty quickly. the last couple of years, i've made the caramels right before thanksgiving so that all my guests pitch in and wrap while we wait for turkey. it goes much faster with helpers!!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Un-Gift Guide 2007: Wrapping Homemade Candy
12/18/07 10:37 AM

yay, Elizabeth!

Apartment Therapy - Welcome, Elizabeth!
10/8/07 06:27 PM

hi, i was the one who originally posted the homasote bulletin board how-to, and although that may be a little more than you want to take on at this time in your lives, homasote's a pretty good and inexpensive soundproofing material. it's not attractive on its own, but you just drill it into some studs and throw some paint on there. it comes in 4'x8' sheets, and i think you need to go to an actual lumber supply place rather than home depot to find it.

good luck! i'm sure your neighbors will appreciate whatever efforts you make.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Soundproofing a Nursery
9/21/07 06:01 PM

we love our french press, though it was frustrating because the coffee got cold too quickly, even when swathed in towels. so we replaced it with a thermal one (ours is from freiling, and we probably bought it on amazon) and we love love love it.

Apartment Therapy - Survey: How Do You Make Your Coffee?
9/7/07 08:24 PM

We just came home from a trip, and although we were allowed to check in our stroller at the gate, we were told that SFO does not allow passengers to pick up their strollers at the gate upon arrival, but rather have to go to luggage claim. This may be just for the international terminal, but you might want to call and check - your hands will already be full with all the stuff you're carrying on with you, and you might want to prepare differently if you know you're going to have to carry your kid through the airport as well.

Good Questions: Flying With a Baby
8/4/07 07:03 PM