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Hi blueline. Looking on the bright side, Berber is low pile so any rugs you put on top of the carpet might have a chance of staying put....

Does anyone have any suggestions for HOW to get rugs to stay put on top of carpet? My husband can trip on anything...and I hate the color of our WTW....and we hope to move soon so neither of us wants to tackle the arguments of color choice.

How To Make the Most of Wall-to-Wall Carpet Renter's Solutions
7/24/14 04:26 PM

My mother did that to "my" bathroom when I was a kid -- total blue. Except for the wallpaper -- white and tiny blue flowers.
All I can is I feel your pain! (I stripped the wallpaper when I came home after college....solid white is an improvement.)

How to Tone Down (or Play Up!) Pink Vintage Bathroom Tile
7/23/14 04:13 PM

I'm liking what I see -- the white cabinet with its open back stands out against the wild wallpaper in a beautiful & unexpected way.

Introducing the Apartment Therapy + Remix House Tour Series: Welcome to Jeanine and Bryan of Aphrochic
7/23/14 04:01 PM

Since nothing in the world is ever permanent, if you decide to play with design again in 10 or 20 years... I lived in a similar-vintage dormitory that had some rooms with closets that didn't go all the way to the ceiling. They'd made the closets structurally strong enough that we could (and did) sit up there. Some people loved it for out of season storage -- turned their bike in winter and their skis in summer into artwork.

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: New Flooring Renovation Diary
7/23/14 03:55 PM

They could well be original -- craftsman era design was going for simplicity, and simple squares fit the bill.

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Building Back Up Renovation Diary
7/23/14 03:49 PM

It's your house and you know what you want....but if I weren't in another country I'd be asking to buy the bench off of you.

Introducing Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation Renovation Diary
7/23/14 02:58 PM

Have you had any issues with the bed being up against the window? My daughter wants a loft, but due to room's shape part of the bed overlaps the window. (And it's not conveniently at the end to allow a staircase a'la''s camp bed with stairs.)

Orrin & Thacher's Modern Rustic Bedroom Kids Room Tour
7/15/14 04:20 PM

What I've been looking for is blinds that open from the top down, like they have in my doctor's office. Not high tech, just high-privacy for ground-level living!

The Home Tech Upgrade You Didn't Know You Can't Live Without Décorview
7/15/14 10:53 AM

I'm with you -- I don't like artificial scents at all, and many trigger my migraines. No need to light a vanilla candle..just put out a bowl of vanilla.

Oh and for anyone who might have a backyard beehive -- avoid laundry softeners! Some component in them irritates the bees so they're more likely to get pissy and sting.

How To Get Rid of Funky Smells: Products, Remedies & Scents to Stop the Stink
7/15/14 10:51 AM

My summer in Norway I was given what my friends laughingly called "brennevin" -- and that "brandy" was pure moonshine. A shot of that and I was willing to swim in the fjord -- brrrrrr!

My friends at Aalborg Universitet tended more towards Aalborg Aquavit (of course!), Franziskaner weissbier (on tap at the pub), Louis Jadot pouilly fuisse (sold only by the case), or mead from the beekeeper who sold at the nearby farmer's market. But we were international too -- the grad students brought their favorites to share, so I got to try quince wine from the Balkans, Serbian brandy, and many kinds of German schnapps.
(What I really miss besides the people? Danish breads & pastries... best I've ever had, and I've been to Paris & Bordeaux. I'm told it's the butter, and I'd believe it.)

A Swedish Midsummer's Eve Party 12am-2am, Drinks
7/15/14 10:47 AM

Adventures in Plumbing for us -- we have a 1950s laundry sink with elderly faucet that developed a leak. The plumber pretty much looked at it and laughed. No longer standard so $600 to replace, so let's install a whole new sink! I want the solid concrete sink.

We're RubeGoldberging the leak by putting an extra ball valve on it -- for less than calling out the plumber to have him laugh.

9 Cheap (or Free) Ways You Can Make Your Home (& Life) Better This Weekend
7/12/14 03:50 PM

Suggestion -- consider using an "on/off" lever before the head. Those let you temporarily turn off the shower flow without changing your heat settings. Super for soaping up a small child, shaving your legs, or making the mad dash for a new bar of soap. And, oh yeah... its original purpose... for saving on water during a drought.

DIY Renters Solutions: How to Replace a Showerhead
7/12/14 03:43 PM

Oh I like that idea. I may try a variation with an actual cooler though, or maybe find a way to add on insulation to the boxes and the underside of the lids.

Cara100 these inserts are actually Home Depot planters. If they're anything like the ones I bought a few years ago, there are removable stoppers so gardeners can drain or not depending on the application.

DIY an Outdoor Table with a Built-in Hidden Cooler Remodelaholic
7/11/14 10:33 AM

Looks like a good time!

One question - why is the ladder out? I'm assuming you have a reason, but it goes against all my childhood training. Dad drilled me to put tools away when done, and especially not to leave ladders where someone could easily knock it over or unsupervised childre might climb higher than their ability...

The Best Summer Party Ideas Better Homes & Gardens
7/11/14 10:28 AM

Sigh... I wish I could use magnets for my keys. I'm stuck with one of those electronic monsters to start my VW. And then there's the electronic entry keys for various buildings...

DIY Project Idea: How to Make a Small Entryway Wall Organizer (with Magnets!) Apartment Therapy Tutorials
7/10/14 09:31 AM

There's something for everyone -- I happen to like the vibrant blue entryway. It's over-styled for my life (too many pillows for a daily-use space) but as long as there's a place to hang all the coats & jackets needed in New England, it's a fun way to liven up one wall. If you notice, the rest of the room shows in the mirror--and it's still basic white&black.

Basic Befores and Awesome Afters: 3 Rooms, 3 Total Makeovers
7/9/14 10:38 AM

I'd be celebrating all right... and taking the money all the way to WorldCon in London later this summer.

Quiz Answer: Can You Spot the Most Valuable American Antique?
7/7/14 01:45 PM

This may be my favorite party writeup ever from any design site or magazine. It doesn't look staged, no one's posing, and it looks like a relaxed good time.

Now you have me homesick for my friends in Aalborg, Denmark! And for the carrots & baby potatoes from the farmer's market down the street from our apartment in Jyllandsgade.

A Swedish Midsummer's Eve Party 6pm, Dinner
7/7/14 01:40 PM

Man, the Jezebel comments on the vinyl floor are nasty. Sure, the vibrant color set doesn't match my style -- but it's an interesting new technique not a recommendation of color choices. Sure, it's a temporary material and might be tricky to remove later-- but don't slam her for being willing to try it. As she said, it's designed for gym floors and patching is easy.

For what it's worth, I'm experimenting with this same kind of tape on my front door -- it's an aging steel door that needs a total strip-and-repaint, and I wanted to get an idea of what it might look like with the 'panel' segments picked out in a different color. I happened to have a roll of purple floor tape rescued from the discard pile after my company's factory renovation, so I put it on. That was March - it's now July, and it's holding up so well that I decided to tackle something else first. And I've survived an experiment with crazy color without hyperventilating -- so that door will NOT be repainted white. ;)

10 DIY Ways to Rescue a Rental Bathroom
7/7/14 10:40 AM

Beautiful work -- the doors really transform it.

Before & After: From Stale Stereo to Sassy Sideboard
7/6/14 10:29 AM