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I make a Mediterranean version: cook quinoa in chicken (or vegetable) broth. To the cooked quinoa, add sauteed zucchini, squash, red peppers, and onions (I actually grill the veggies on a grill pan), then add fresh halved grape tomatoes, chopped mint, and feta. It is divine.

How Can I Get More Quinoa in My Diet?
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3/30/11 10:30 AM

Fabric that cats will shred and fabric that attracts pet fur are two totally separate issues. I say, just put up with the fur and vaccum. The shredding is the real problem. Our microfiber couch is the only thing that has survived our cats. I dream of the day I can have pretty upholstered furniture and draperies!

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3/24/11 03:01 PM

It would probably make an amazing marinade for chicken.

What Can I Do With Yogurt That Is Too Sweet?
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3/22/11 10:18 AM

I would totally use it in a mango salsa over white fish. Very tropical!

Banana Vinegar: What Would You Do With It?
3/10/11 05:58 PM

I almost always add the garlic flavored Boursin to mashed potatoes, with some cream, salt, and pepper. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

What Are Some Interesting Recipes With Boursin Cheese?
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3/8/11 09:53 AM