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Good to know!

What Can I Do With Piloncillo? Good Questions
4/18/14 05:54 PM

I was just about to write cafe de olla, but then I saw MamaChilangaSF beat me to it :) Don't forget the star anise!

What Can I Do With Piloncillo? Good Questions
4/18/14 05:53 PM

I'll add my vote to Mary E.'s and Kitchi's on this last point. Though I like the other stuff, too.

Isaac and Florence's Eclectic Zen-Inspired Apartment House Tour
4/4/14 07:16 PM

I feel like Johnny Depp probably crashes here whenever he visits Montreal.

Isaac and Florence's Eclectic Zen-Inspired Apartment House Tour
4/4/14 07:14 PM

I heart this couple, and their zen (-ish) kooky opium den (and I mean that in the best of possible ways, this place has a lot of personality).

For those complaining about ads: might also like to try ghostery, though it does unfortunately block some of the more interesting ads that I might actually want to click on (though you can probably selectively toggle off the Target ads).

Isaac and Florence's Eclectic Zen-Inspired Apartment House Tour
4/4/14 07:12 PM

Ok, that was funny.

Emerson's Soft, Sweet Space My Room
4/3/14 08:22 PM

I love Emerson as a girl's name. And that's a very soothing nursery.

Emerson's Soft, Sweet Space My Room
4/3/14 08:21 PM

You need a fourth choice, for liking both.

Design Duel: Light vs. Dark Bedrooms
3/19/14 08:58 PM

Pantone strikes again. #Orchidsohard. I like the moody blues but find the neutrals easiest to live with, personally.

What's Next: Upcoming Trends in Color Combinations for Interiors
3/19/14 08:57 PM

I LOVE that range, and the style of this place generally (though the doll legs on the wall freak me out. I wouldn't be able to sit under those.) Is that an Ethiopian honey jar in the corner of the living room?

Jeremy's Light and Heavy Home House Tour
3/14/14 10:42 PM

Is it really true they get softer with use?

Have Restoration Hardware Linen Sheets Always Been Made in China? Good Questions
2/27/14 09:45 PM

To follow up on @parnassus' comments, and several others here, even items made in Italy or Europe do not necessarily mean they were made by Italians with the level of craftsmanship you may expect...As the Chinese look to expand their manufacturing know-how into the luxury market, many companies are sending workers to Italy and France to learn the skills to allow them to create high end products in the PRC. (Investigative journalist Roberto Saviano's book details the more worrying side of this practice. (Highly recommended, btw.))

I do applaud people being mindful of how their purchases are sourced, and try to do the same, but I also find it hard to find products in my (post graduate school/student loan-burdened) price range that are of the quality I would like. Even the proudly American-made company Craftsman Tools (which my daddy taught me to swear by) is also now frequently sourcing their steel in China (and it ain't the same).

I feel embarrassed when I try to bring my friends in Europe typically "American" gifts, as they can so easily peek at the tag and see "Made in China."

Have Restoration Hardware Linen Sheets Always Been Made in China? Good Questions
2/27/14 09:44 PM

Would love to see photos of the potager (I assume they have one!) Would like to see more photos of home gardens, generally... :)

Emilie's 17th Century Cottage in France House Call
2/25/14 07:54 PM

This is definitely one of my all time favorite homes on AT. I keep coming to it again and again for ideas.

Allison Burke's Modern Mix House Tour
2/25/14 04:55 PM

That's an amazing quilt! I really expected it to be something from West Elm or some other store -- how much more delightful that it's handmade and homemade!

Nice redo, I'd like to come home to this.

Before & After: 3 Easy & Inexpensive Ideas for Making Any Room Look Larger
2/25/14 04:51 PM

I absolutely love that kitchen. That's going to be a major design inspiration for my next home. This home feels tropical and modern without being "mid-century cheesy". That desk is really something special.

Green With Envy in Brazil Professional Project
2/24/14 04:18 PM

I like to add a tsp of harissa (hot & spicy North African pepper paste) to our ketchup bottle, its tang compliments the vinegar and sweetness in the tomato sauce. Now I'll have to just try making my own full batch to see if it takes it up a notch.

We're also big fans of Cuban/Filipino banana ketchup, I can only imagine how good a homemade version would be, yum! Thanks for the idea.

Recipe: Homemade Ketchup Recipes from The Kitchn
9/20/12 12:52 PM

Yes, I was just going agree and say #s 1 and 3 look like ibrik pots for making Turkish/Arabic coffee...And I'd be even more delighted to get a coffee maker as a housewarming gift than a butter warmer, but these are all lovely.

Housewarming Gift Idea:
Vintage Butter Warmers

8/22/12 09:59 AM

I LOVE that headboard idea, particularly the way the colors have been matched to the deep violet wall. Fantastic to see so many international entries on Apartment Therapy.

Eider's Light All Day
4/20/11 03:23 PM

Just love this home. Any chance of getting the name and maker of the orange wall color?

Steven's Relocated Beach Cottage
House Tour

3/8/11 02:46 AM