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Thank you. I was only trying to educate. I am baffled by the attitudes here as well.

Maybe we inspired someone to do the right thing though.

Ideas for Hanging Artwork Without Leaving Holes in the Wall Renters Solutions
7/25/14 12:42 PM

It's my understanding that eggs only have to be refrigerated if they were washed during their journey from hen to carton. They lose their protective coating that resists contamination. In the US, eggs are washed, but in many European countries, they are not, leaving them shelf stable.

Culinary School Makes Me Wonder Why I Refrigerate My Eggs Culinary School Diaries
7/24/14 03:18 PM

I have a little shelf sitting on top of my dresser with little decorative boxes that hold odds and ends. One box holds electronics components, one holds lip balm, lotion, pocket knives, other junk, etc. The shelf is an old three-tier knick-knack shelf (that's what we call them in the south, anyway) that is meant to hang on a wall but it can be freestanding as well.

Could you hang a small shelf on the wall above the dresser? Then you could place a few items on the dresser top.

Figure out what still needs a home and keep that in mind as you look around for storage options.

How To Get the Most Storage Out of Dresser-Top Space? Good Questions
7/23/14 08:43 AM

Well, except spray paint. I don't like Valspar's line of spray paint. Rustoleum all the way for that.

Renovation Awards: Favorite (& Not-So-Favorite) Products
7/22/14 11:25 AM

I am also a huge Valspar fan. I won't paint with anything else.

Renovation Awards: Favorite (& Not-So-Favorite) Products
7/22/14 11:24 AM

Oh, I must have overlooked the part about the owners putting up the $2000. Sorry, it's early. :) I'd still go with a stove and if you can, have them install new counters made from an inexpensive material. Then, paint, paint, paint! It's going to look awesome!

What Can I Do with $2000 to Update This Kitchen? Good Questions
7/22/14 08:36 AM

I started typing a comment which my phone then made disappear so if this ends up being a duplicate, my apologies.

I would have then update the appliances, and then use your own money to paint, as you planned. My kitchen was very similar to yours and I updated it for much less than $2000. This included a new stove and fridge (small, very basic models since that's all I really need), but I mostly relied on paint to freshen things up. New counters are nice, but there are several counter refinishing products out there that are durable and pretty. I used an enamel for laminate on my own counters and it still looks great two years later. I believe it is manufactured by Rustoleum. My kitchen isn't perfect, but $2000 if more than enough for a nice refresh, especially if you are willing to do some DIY.

I have before and after pics on my blog if you'd like to see. Like I said, my kitchen was VERY similar.

What Can I Do with $2000 to Update This Kitchen? Good Questions
7/22/14 08:16 AM

I've read that the whole "76.5 cents to every dollar gender inequality" isn't actually true and it based on either outdated or I don't remember where I read the conflicting study though.

All The Single Ladies... Are Investing In Home Equity
7/21/14 07:17 PM

I normally hate the color orange, but this is awesome!

Before & After: A Vintage Dresser Goes From White to Wow!
7/19/14 07:30 PM

I like your nice, uniform paneling. It looks like intentional breadboard when painted. Very fresh.

Before & After: A Dark Eat-in Kitchen Gets Brightened!
7/19/14 04:30 PM

That IS an amazing paint color! Looks awesome! I love the artwork, too.

Phoenix's 'Perfect Green' Room My Room
7/17/14 12:04 PM

I've only ever lived in rural places (I'm from MS) so I'm used to the weather, bugs, chores,etc. One thing I can never get over is the rampant racism and generally negative, ignorant attitudes of so many of the other locals, including most of my own family. To me, that's the true "dark side" of an otherwise idyllic place.

Life In The Country: The Stories The Pictures Don't Tell
7/17/14 12:02 PM

That is a cool fabric choice! If there is some way to add casters, I'm sure your husband would love it even more!

Before & After: A Pair of Tulip Chairs Get a Better Bloom
7/17/14 11:44 AM

I always check a watermelon's "bellybutton." Opt for an "innie" not an "outie."

If there is a piece of vine attached (outie) it means it was plucked from the vine early. If there is a dimple and no vine (innie) then it ripened and detached from the vine on its own. This may not be true at all but it always works for me.

5 Tips for Picking a Perfect Melon Tips from The Kitchn
7/16/14 02:40 PM

Is it just me or is the tv is mounted a bit high, especially since the sofa is so close in that narrow room?

A 200 Square Foot Micro Studio With Style Professional Project
7/13/14 06:22 PM

Here is a little blog post with pics:

10 Crazy Things to Do on the Ceiling
7/12/14 01:01 PM

I never had roommates in college, never even lived on campus, partly because I knew I wouldn't like living with strangers. However, since I've been on my own, I've had two different roommates, both of whom are platonic friends. Keeps me from being lonely, for sure. And even though I'm very much an introvert, it worked out fine. One of them is also introverted and the other worked graveyard shifts so we all stayed out of each other's hair and only hung out when we felt like it.

Separate bathrooms would be nice, but I really don't have any complaints.

Living with Roommates (Just for the Fun of It)
7/11/14 09:00 PM

All my walls are neutral so when my tiled living room ceiling started sagging, I tore it down to discover wood lath, which I painted turquoise. I love it and am planning on eventually doing the whole house. Much less overwhelming than that much color on the walls in my small, sometimes-lacking-in-enough-natural-light rooms.

It's not exactly crazy, but if it works in my sad, little house, I'm sure others would get awesome results playing on their ceilings.

10 Crazy Things to Do on the Ceiling
7/11/14 04:29 PM

It could be worse... Just be thankful it's cooking residue. My silicone bakeware is full of melted crayon from a kindergarten class project. I gave up on it and now just save my silicone for fun stuff. :)

What's the Best Way to Clean Silicone Bakeware? Good Questions
7/11/14 12:16 PM

I like my Pyrex storage containers. I remove the plastic lids and replace with a paper towel when microwaving like others have said.

I would prefer that they are square to better utilize cabinet space and I wish they "nested" rather than precariously stacking and getting stuck together, but I guess that's asking a lot of glass.

What's the Best Container for Bringing My Lunch to Work? Good Questions
7/10/14 07:15 PM