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I personally think your walls are fine and the texture is not very noticeable. I think darker colors would look just fine. I would stick with flatter finishes,only because sheen will draw attention to the texture.

As an outsider, I would recommend just accepting your walls and painting them however you please. Of course, I don't see them everyday and I don't mind the texture--you are the one who lives there.

I think your current walls complement your home very nicely.

Paint Ideas For Textured Walls? Good Questions
7/30/14 02:12 PM

Just letting you know there seems to be part of a sentence missing for the Kreg jig. It also switches between pocket jig and picket jog.

8 Tools That'll Change The Way You DIY
7/30/14 11:49 AM

Wow, I feel privileged to live in the super rural south. If we need a tree cut down, any of my neighbors would probably pop down without me even having to ask and cut it down for me. My mom had a huge Bradford pear tree blow over in a storm and our neighbor came right over and chopped it up and hauled it off.

When I was a kid, my great-grandmother's magnolia needed a major trimming and my step dad did that himself then added branch pickup to my list of chores. I live in my great-grandmother's house now, about 15 years later, and it needs it again.

There are power lines involved now so I'll call an expert and not rely on neighbors for this one. I'm not looking forward to writing that check though.

How Much Did It Cost To Remove a Tree From Your Yard? Reader Intelligence Request
7/29/14 03:36 PM

Honestly, I'm so used to it, it doesn't really bother me.

The soap toilet is really probably the worst just because of all the soap we end up using but I just convince myself my toilet, plumbing, and septic tank are super clean!

What Are Your Home's Most Unusual Quirks?
7/29/14 10:33 AM

Oh yeah, the best one is Car Dancing. Put on dance music and really break it down. See if you can get strangers at stoplights to dance to your music with you. That is fun.

Drive safely though!

5 Tips for a Better Roadtrip
7/28/14 01:19 PM

If traveling with others, you can play car games. In my family, we play Zitch Dog (from How I Met Your Mother) and what we call The Cliche Car Game. We preselect certain cars and how many points they are worth, for example a black Trans Am or a yellow Beetle may be worth five, but a limo or hearse are worth ten, and a Yugo is always 100. Anyone who accidentally calls out a PT Cruiser automatically loses all their points.

5 Tips for a Better Roadtrip
7/28/14 01:18 PM

What do you mean, people used to save bacon grease? All the ladies in my family do that. In fact, I really only buy bacon to make bacon grease to season vegetables (I drain the grease, save it, and store the cooked bacon in the freezer to use as topping for soup, potatoes, etc., but I never just eat bacon). A pack of bacon lasts me several months.

10 Foods You Shouldn't Throw Away Tips from The Kitchn
7/28/14 11:45 AM

Okay, the light switch in the shower is the best. I thought my shower was bad! When I moved in, I had a window in my shower, complete with wooden shutters (not on the outside, but also IN the shower), and the window was framed with wallpaper border. But a light switch?! That is even weirder. Amazing. Don't you just wonder what previous owners were thinking?

What Are Your Home's Most Unusual Quirks?
7/27/14 09:41 AM

In response to the toilet questions, when I moved in, I noticed the toilet would only flush if you rocked it the right way (the bolts were loose and I knew it obviously needed a new wax ring). We pulled it up to discover no wax ring at all (ugh!). I put one it, replaced the toilet correctly, tightened it up, and...then it wouldn't flush at all. Too much suction. My plumbing isn't vented. I can't afford to fix that right now. Well, I know soap breaks the surface tension of water and is sometimes used for clogs so I just tried it one day and it worked. Much cheaper than new plumbing at the moment. Has to be Dawn or equivalent though. The non-concentrated generic just won't cut it.

The dying cat dishwasher? It makes this weird yowling noise. It's so loud we can't watch tv in the next room or run it when we have guests. But, that dishwasher gets my dishes cleaner than you'd believe so I'll put up with it until it gives out. It's already nearly as old as I am,probably.

The washing machine is actually really new. I just replaced my old one which had a bunch of quirks of its own (for example, the load size switch was broken and could only be changed by taking apart the back panel and doing it from the guts inside the machine,but the shutoff valve was broken so the large load setting made it overflow onto the floor, and then the machine itself--not the hoses--sprung a leak). The new one works just fine, it just makes a weird noise. Remember the "dialup" sound of connecting to the web? It's like the same "tune" but with duck quacks.

What Are Your Home's Most Unusual Quirks?
7/27/14 08:35 AM

My house definitely has its share of quirks!

Different parts of different rooms share a circuit, for example only one outlet in my kitchen where my fridge is plugged in and my porch light (other side of the house) are on the same circuit.

Only the showerhead works in my bathroom, not the main faucet. To take a bath, I have to run the shower and just aim it straight down.

My washing machine drains into my kitchen sink so we can't do laundry and wash dishes at the same time, and then it all drains from there into my yard via an old well.

I have a terrifying cellar straight out of a horror movie that almost no one knows about. A secret spot in the floor of my utility closet opens up...

My attic door and pull-down ladder are located above my dining table.

I have a boarded up doorway in my kitchen that goes nowhere. I hung shelves in it and pretend it's a built-in.

The toilet only flushes if you put soap in it. We keep Dawn in the cabinet above it and have a sign letting guests know.

Our front door randomly opens on its own.

Some cabinets can't be closed because they stick and won't reopen (I can always tell when guests pilfer through my stuff because they always close the cabinets all the way, hee hee).

The dishwasher makes a noise like a dying cat and the washing machine quacks like a duck.

Half my lights don't have wall switches and can only be operated via pull cord. It's funny to watch newbies try to figure those out, but sometimes even I forget which lights have switches, especially in rooms I don't use very often.

Hmm, maybe that's all of them. Ha ha.

What Are Your Home's Most Unusual Quirks?
7/26/14 04:05 PM

Thanks, everybody! You might have inspired me to go tackle my kitchen ceiling next!

10 Crazy Things to Do on the Ceiling
7/25/14 09:37 PM

I love how just moving those cabinets made all the difference. Genius!

Before & After: Melissa's Country-Meets-City Kitchen Makeover The Big Reveal
7/25/14 05:51 PM

Thank you. I was only trying to educate. I am baffled by the attitudes here as well.

Maybe we inspired someone to do the right thing though.

Ideas for Hanging Artwork Without Leaving Holes in the Wall Renters Solutions
7/25/14 12:42 PM

It's my understanding that eggs only have to be refrigerated if they were washed during their journey from hen to carton. They lose their protective coating that resists contamination. In the US, eggs are washed, but in many European countries, they are not, leaving them shelf stable.

Culinary School Makes Me Wonder Why I Refrigerate My Eggs Culinary School Diaries
7/24/14 03:18 PM

I have a little shelf sitting on top of my dresser with little decorative boxes that hold odds and ends. One box holds electronics components, one holds lip balm, lotion, pocket knives, other junk, etc. The shelf is an old three-tier knick-knack shelf (that's what we call them in the south, anyway) that is meant to hang on a wall but it can be freestanding as well.

Could you hang a small shelf on the wall above the dresser? Then you could place a few items on the dresser top.

Figure out what still needs a home and keep that in mind as you look around for storage options.

How To Get the Most Storage Out of Dresser-Top Space? Good Questions
7/23/14 08:43 AM

Well, except spray paint. I don't like Valspar's line of spray paint. Rustoleum all the way for that.

Renovation Awards: Favorite (& Not-So-Favorite) Products
7/22/14 11:25 AM

I am also a huge Valspar fan. I won't paint with anything else.

Renovation Awards: Favorite (& Not-So-Favorite) Products
7/22/14 11:24 AM

Oh, I must have overlooked the part about the owners putting up the $2000. Sorry, it's early. :) I'd still go with a stove and if you can, have them install new counters made from an inexpensive material. Then, paint, paint, paint! It's going to look awesome!

What Can I Do with $2000 to Update This Kitchen? Good Questions
7/22/14 08:36 AM

I started typing a comment which my phone then made disappear so if this ends up being a duplicate, my apologies.

I would have then update the appliances, and then use your own money to paint, as you planned. My kitchen was very similar to yours and I updated it for much less than $2000. This included a new stove and fridge (small, very basic models since that's all I really need), but I mostly relied on paint to freshen things up. New counters are nice, but there are several counter refinishing products out there that are durable and pretty. I used an enamel for laminate on my own counters and it still looks great two years later. I believe it is manufactured by Rustoleum. My kitchen isn't perfect, but $2000 if more than enough for a nice refresh, especially if you are willing to do some DIY.

I have before and after pics on my blog if you'd like to see. Like I said, my kitchen was VERY similar.

What Can I Do with $2000 to Update This Kitchen? Good Questions
7/22/14 08:16 AM

I've read that the whole "76.5 cents to every dollar gender inequality" isn't actually true and it based on either outdated or I don't remember where I read the conflicting study though.

All The Single Ladies... Are Investing In Home Equity
7/21/14 07:17 PM