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@BGR5928 It is a set of icicle Christmas lights, and the old untrue wheel from my bicycle combined together to make a lightweight, earthquake safe chandelier.

Elizabeth & Derek's Lots to Love Small Cool Contest
4/11/12 12:33 PM

@Sophiasrevenge Oh don't worry about it, it did not ruin my day. Mine response was meant to be playful banter too. Chewie's a charismatic figure, I knew before I submitted this that he'd be the deal sealer for some and a deal breaker for others.

Elizabeth & Derek's Lots to Love Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 10:58 PM

Hi guys! Thanks so much for taking the time to look around and comment. I'll try to answer some questions.

@Mattab Thank you so much! I'm sorry I'm not going to be much help, our kitchen was an oops paint of the local hardware store's brand.

@Sophiasrevenge @Ana @Usbek de Perse @Toypixie etc Glad you like Chewbacca. I was a bit bummed to hear some of you saying you only like Chewbacca, but then I thought about how people say that about people's apartments and their cats and dogs (not judging, I love me some cute AT pet photos) and I thought, why not wookiees? Also, a big thanks to all the people who thought a cardboard cutout wookiee was tacky, and chose not to comment. I appreciate your tact!

@Alahoop My living room was indeed in Room for Color. I'm very flattered you remember me.

@Tracey333 You would have done the opposite? Like put the bed in the bedroom? No way! I kid, I kid. I think that's 99% of people, but we had the office in the closet, and I had no desk or place to lay out my sewing, and Derek had no place to work on his bikes, and now our place feels like a palace spacewise. Besides, it was fun to make our own built in.

@Evelymenm. You know they only let us pick 5 photos, right? I have 5 different wide shots of the apartment, no vignettes, I just have more than 5 areas. I'd love to share my kitchen, it's pretty great, but it's great in a nice butcher block counters and and old fashioned sink and ice boxes way, which honestly I had very little to do with other than choosing to move in, and I get bored in these contests when I see pictures of people's fixtures rather than their decorating. But here's my kitchen:

@Kalakala "humor and personality" is our bread and butter. Yes, there is a milk door at the foot of the bed. The cats use it to crawl from under the bed to on it, and scare the crap out of us in the middle of the night.

@Xarcady All miscellaneous small non-kitchen stuff is indeed behind the books. It's actually completely invisible, and really easy to retrieve.

@StevenJ Thanks for the compliment but no thanks on the advice. All the art you mention is at eye level, furthermore, if I took your advice, some of my pictures would be behind the couch!

Elizabeth & Derek's Lots to Love Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 10:22 PM

This is not the first apartment in this contest I've liked, but it is the first I've been this gushingly in love with. It's everything I hope a apartment therapy post will be! I love that's it's cute, but not too cutesy, and that everything is a unique chosen piece rather than being slavish to any one style (but it still looks designed and thought out). It's what craigslist always has the potential to be, but so many people are too impatient to make it, and really, as a thrifty young renter that's more relatable and inspirational to me than snazzy high budget items.

Also, good on you for making a statement with your couch, rather than throwing a couple of patterned throw pillows on it, it's really bold, and looks amazing.

Weird question, but is your headboard a wall sticker?

Dane & Leah's Craigslist Kingdom Small Cool Contest
4/4/12 08:18 PM

Wow! Putting both the small and the cool in the contest name! Your apartment looks so welcoming, I kept checking the square footage, saying "That can't be right!" I really love your (Oscar Wilde?) print and the textures of your corkboard, rug, and loveseat in particular.

...I'd also like to add that as of this comment you are the only entry in this contest without an Eames chair, and I always feel I've got to support the individualist. (I'm not saying Eames chairs aren't nice, just giggling at how our little design community has certain interests.)

Jennifer's Gathering Place Small Cool Contest
4/2/12 05:16 PM

Those of you with brand loyalty to flushable cat litter, here's an article explaining why you shouldn't do that. Bacteria unique to cats' digestive tracts can survive water treatment and get int our bays and streams, harming adorable otters.

Also, I am baffled by people having brand loyalty to Kraft macaroni and cheese. I thought that was just something we all bought because it was cheap?

Brand loyalty for myself mostly comes in boycotts. I won't touch anything from Proctor and Gambol, because they have some of the worst animal testing policies, but once I know that a brand has my politics, I stick with it.

No Substitute: Which Products Inspire Brand Loyalty?
1/26/12 05:48 PM

No lilies ever. They are deadly poison to your cats, and even if like most people's cats, your cat doesn't eat plants, if your cat brushes against the lily with its huge pollen covered stamen, and then later grooms himself, guess what? It's still ingested lily. An expensive (luckily in dollars, and not in life) emergency room lesson from me to you.

Kitty-Friendly Flowers?
Good Questions

1/23/12 07:13 PM

Radiolab is the best, hands down. Anyone who hasn't heard it, prepare to have your world become brighter and full of infinite curiosity and mystery.

10 Podcasts For Your Holiday Travels
12/16/11 07:01 PM

I get where you're coming from, and I love trying to find the perfect gift for someone. I really put a lot of effort into it and think I'm a pretty good gift giver (though who knows, maybe my family is just filled with polite and talented actors).

...But there are certain people in my family who are not talented gift givers. I am always grateful, and thank them, because it is the thought that counts (though sometimes I'm baffled by what the thought was) but every year I end up with things, usually from the same people, that are extremely ill suited to my personality and will never see use, be they books on religions I am not part of, household goods I obviously already have, or paraphernalia from TV shows I have never seen. While it does bum me out a little that people don't seem to have given my gift as much thought as I gave theirs, it's not that I'm sad I didn't get loot. It's that this stuff was honestly a waste of money and I would have been happier if they'd just donated to the local animal rescue and gotten me nothing. But that's not not fun, because there's nothing to open, so it's not a thing that will happen. So, while I encourage people who are excellent gift givers to rock on with their surprises, in situations like these I'm not going to feel bad subtly directing people to a wish list, nor would I be offended if someone I didn't have a good idea for did the same to me.

Giving Of Gifts: The Exquisite Risk, The Sweetest Thrill
12/16/11 06:20 PM

I'm absolutely shocked Eve's Hot Jewel Tones isn't on this list. Shocked.

Top 5 Current Color Contenders: East Division
Room for Color 2011

11/18/11 12:33 PM

I feel like I'm walking into a grown up Lisa Frank house... and I love it.

Lindsay's "Purple, Purple, Purple" Room
11/15/11 07:43 PM

I never thought I would envy a yellow bathroom this much.

Lynn's "Spicy Brown Mustard" Room
11/12/11 09:46 PM

I like not only the color, but how the half circle on the bed mimics the shape of pit to enhance the idea of avocado.

Rachel's "New Avocado" Room
11/10/11 10:55 PM

Our TR photo came from the Dearborn Goodwill, actually. It's by Pirie MacDonald, and the frame job looks fairly old. Do you have a similar one? What is its story?

Elizabeth's "Rose & Clover" Room
11/10/11 07:31 PM

I may be biased (I'm the one with the pink old fashioned couch and green walls) but I love the having such big pieces NOT be neutrals! And the colors you've chosen, wow! I might even continue the wall color further, it seems a shame it doesn't wrap around and grab that other chair.

Amy's "Bold Complementary " Room
11/10/11 12:27 PM

A very pretty room, for sure, but sometimes I feel like we should be having two different contests, one for people who like a lot of color, and one for people who like mostly neutrals.

Brent's "Neutral Orange" Room
11/10/11 12:06 PM

SamU: ha! Thanks, Dad, for trying to give me an opening to talk about my DIY lamp. It still hasn't caused any fires!

Elizabeth's "Rose & Clover" Room
11/9/11 07:45 PM

Hi there :) I love this especially because it's such a small area but it's got so many complexities without being overwhelming.

Evita's "Vintage Panama" Room
11/9/11 06:35 PM

Stephanie: The portraits are by Travis Louie. He is amazing, right?

Elizabeth's "Rose & Clover" Room
11/8/11 07:20 PM

I have the same blue in my kitchen! I pair it with a sunny retro yellow and it looks really nice. But yes, as people are saying, I love how this give more of a retro look to a kitchen that could otherwise look cold and modern.

Bridget's "Jewel Box" Room
11/5/11 09:44 PM