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There is a secret bar in San Diego hidden behind an accountant's office facade called Prohibition that is all Speakeasy type drinks. Gin drinks are really popular. But I HIGHLY recommend a Moscow Mule.

There are a few variations, but generally it's 1 shot vodka, quarter shot lime juice, and mix with Ginger Beer (available at Fresh & Easy and Trader Joes). Serve in a copper mug for bonus points!

Great Cocktails & Food for a Speakeasy Birthday Party?
Good Questions

3/23/11 01:47 PM

I signed up just to post a comment on this! I recently left the corporate life to work at home and worked out of my kitchen the first couple months. I didn't like it at all! It took away the relaxing & comforting vibe I usually get from my kitchen.

I'd be making dinner at nighttime for my wife and would think of work because my brain subconsciously was associated the kitchen with work. It honestly made me not want to spend time in the kitchen when I wasn't working because I'd already be in there 8 hours a day. I knew this wouldn't work because I absolutely love spending time in the kitchen with my friends and family.

I converted an extra bedroom to an office and haven't looked back since.

The Kitchen Office: A Bad Idea?
3/4/11 12:59 PM