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I love the look of it, but I can tell you from experience in a 200 year old house where the previous owners white-washed the original bathroom floors... they NEVER look clean EVER. No matter how much I scrub with bleach and every other product on the market, they never ever look really clean. Once I gave up on that, they did start to grow on me, though.

Before & After: Floor from Worn Out to White & Bright
Modern Jane Design

10/4/11 05:07 PM

I love the family size cabana from One Step Ahead. When I only had one or two babies, the baby size beach tent was lovely, but now with four bigger kids, the cabana works GREAT. A cinch to set up, lightweight, easy to pack, can be zipped up to provide a napping place or some privacy for swimsuit changes.


Easy to Set Up Beach Umbrella?
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5/19/11 03:06 PM

Pour white vinegar over the accident. Really soak it. It will take a day or two to evaporate but it will take all the odor away.

Potty Training and Wall to Wall Carpets
5/4/11 02:53 PM

I agree with the first poster. My fourth is in that stage now (17 months) and she very quickly learned how to get up and down safely. I never saw a need to buy anything special. If you're really concerned, I used to toss some of the throw pillows around the couch for a softer landing, if anything.

Tuffet or Other Furniture for Infants to Climb?
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4/26/11 02:29 PM

I got these for just that purpose at The Land of Nod:


I actually got all sizes for all types of storage because I could match them to the playroom and each of my kids bedroom decor. The smallest ones work out GREAT for closet shelves. No more piles falling over!

I also found a free shipping code online which saved a lot. They're very durable too (four kids haven't managed to do anything to any of them!)

Shallow Baskets for Clothes Storage on Shelves
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3/3/11 03:22 PM