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am i the only person that likes the cabinets?! i'm a big fan of vintage and can't see the mismatch too much (i just inherited similar ones in the attic apartment i moved into--what i don't like are the new fixtures the landlord added to mine). i have a bigger problem with the beige countertops.

What to Do with Mismatched Cabinets at Grandma's House? Good Questions
9/30/13 05:19 PM

Cara, thanks for the inspiration! i'm an artist and packrat and have hoarded for 25 years. just moved and actually have to move again, so thinking of really paring down a second time. love the Deco arch, the game cabinet, and the fabulous details in the kitchen (was the red vintage cupboard hardware added?). love the mesh screen in front of the sink (original?).


Cara's \"Have Less, Live More\" Flat House Tour
6/6/13 03:32 AM

i like the wallpaper concept... but i can't really tell what's going on in terms of what the clothes are hanging on: are those long loops of cord that the hangers are hanging from?... or very narrow hooks?...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Anti-Closet
1/30/08 10:10 AM