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conceptually -yes

practically -oh hell no

Small Space Solitude: Krunk Bunk Suspended Loft
Relax Shacks

8/29/11 08:15 PM

probably the grossest thing i've ever taken off the street and kept (other than food) was a partially used jar of really expensive hair product. plz don't judge meeee

Street Finds: Where Do You Draw the Line?
8/5/11 05:01 PM

wow, what a great post! i loved reading about everyone's excellent finds! so many great ones! i live in pittsburgh and it is definitely true that midwestern cities (and surrounding towns) are a great place for bargains! my best furniture finds:
2 Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair Ottomans for $5 each from Goodwill (sadly there were no armchairs to be found)
a Milo Baughman chrome & lacquer campaign desk for $60 from Craigslist
a mid-century walnut expandable slat bench for 40 or 50 (can't remember if i talked him down :) ) from Craigslist
and not to one-up co-captain, but also a pristine Kent Coffey walnut "Tableau" bedroom set (tall dresser, mirror, low wide dresser & 2 nightstands) for $100 from the sweetest woman on Craigslist who also filled up my car with other (free!) treasures from her late parents' house to help me furnish my first apartment out of college.

You Paid WHAT for That? Best Secondhand Finds Ever
6/23/11 12:15 AM

get a new coffee table. something funky and possibly red. and get a brighter and more colorful rug. maybe a design with a lot of white or light grey in it.

How To Accessorize Ugly Brown Sectional?
Good Questions

5/6/11 11:24 PM

good god that is a beautiful couch!

Who Designed My Couch?
Good Questions

5/4/11 11:15 PM

...first world problems

Is This Dining Table A Forever Piece?
Good Questions

4/15/11 07:59 PM

oh crayfish, your username is is as sour as your comment...

Before & After: Busting Out a New Closet
Life in the Fun Lane

4/13/11 09:57 PM

el booooooorn! greatest place to live. close to everythng, not too expensive, a great community of young and young at heart people...and look around for furniture on trash can find some treasures!

What Neighborhood Should We Move To In Barcelona?
Good Questions

3/30/11 11:26 AM

Hah! I have the exact same chairs & a matching dining table. I've been meaning to recover them and I love the fabric you used. What is it?

Being Realistic About Priorities When Space is Limited
3/11/11 06:21 PM

Trader Joe's is the best place to dumpster dive! I'm serious. Go there at night after the store is closed and you will find so much great food there. It is a crime what they throw away on a daily basis.

Dumpster Diving and DIY: Is It Really Worth Your Time?
3/9/11 08:56 PM

in DC i found a gorgeous antique cabinet hand-painted to look like a dollhouse. it is beautiful.

Survey: Best Trash Furniture Finds
Washington DC

3/3/11 09:16 PM

ps. we do it a lot too.

How Often Do You Change Your Sheets?
3/3/11 03:58 AM

wow. i'm about to make every one of you feel really good about yourselves, so you're welcome in advance. my boyfriend and i shower probably once a week. we change our sheets and pillowcases probably ohhh, once a month generously. also, we share our bed with two cats. AND we eat food and hang out on our computers in bed regularly. still, i've honestly never felt unhygienic about our washing habits. we have a lovely, tidy home so it isn't that we are slovenly people. it is crazy that there is such a disparity in what people consider clean, huh?

How Often Do You Change Your Sheets?
3/3/11 03:58 AM