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Clutter or not, I love the flowers in a can- how cute and disposable after the flowers bloom. If my clutter was that pretty, I wouldn't mind it so much!

Roundup: 10 Unique Hostess Gifts for the Holiday Season
11/4/11 01:33 PM

I purchased one of these interior design deals for 2 hours worth of services, knowing that I only needed a bit of advice on a few things, rather than a lot of advice on furniture. I was still incredibly unhappy with it. The designer didn't take any time to listen to what I wanted and instead dove in planning a house for someone other than me. I like a very sophisticated soft color palette and her recommendations were to purchase a turquoise chair, some pumpkin ottomans, and paint the walls yellow. She clearly didn't even take the time to listen to me. Also, all of the furniture she sourced for me isn't available at a nearby retailer so there is no way I can even follow-up. Avoid making the same mistake I did, skip the "deal" and hire someone with some better accountability.

Discount Interior Design Deals: Would You Have Bought It?
10/4/11 03:27 PM

Where can I find the built-in looking cabinets in the first picture? I've been looking everywhere for those.

Inspiration: Diversity in Americana Living Rooms
9/28/11 01:13 PM

I have a really high quality linen duvet and the wrinkles never come out, because we put in new ones every night. I cannot stand the look of a constantly wrinkled bed and been looking for a replacement duvet in satin or perhaps cotton in the same color as my current one with no luck.

Linen Bedding: Are Wrinkled Sheets Sexy or Messy?
9/15/11 03:21 PM

I love all the ideas about the hairdryer, but can anyone tell me where to get wire baskets like the ones in the picture to put towels in? I love that idea for extra storage.

Suggestions For Hair Dryer Storage In Bathroom?
Good Questions

3/3/11 01:09 AM