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I kinda miss the old Apartment Therapy when there were far fewer "large" living spaces and they focused on small spaces... I come here because I live in a small apartment, I don't have much interest in these big houses, they just don't speak to me. oh well....

Philip and Olivia's All the Fun of the Fair House House Tour
10/9/13 12:46 PM

We are in a small NYC apartment, but felt a changing table was key. And it was... we used a dresser with two bottom drawers for his clothes and the top drawer for diaper items.

I was told you would change a lot of diapers, but holy cow, that is an understatement. I am so glad we used the dresser/changing pad based on the sheer number ot times we changed diapers. If I was kneeling on the floor every time I had to change a diaper I probably would have laid down and not gotten back up, ever.

Love the idea of some people using the floor, but that was soo not an option for us!

How's That Working Out? 6 Months Without a Changing Table or Pad
8/28/13 04:26 PM

I seriously love this house. lovely....

Marti & Jarrod's Graphic Modern Home House Tour
8/28/13 10:14 AM

love it... but where is all the baby "stuff". no high chair? no "bouncy thing" just some toys in baskets? I think someone staged this! : )

Kelsey & Mike's Comfortable and Quirky Home House Tour
8/26/13 03:13 PM

We wrap our cheese in either cheese cloth or paper towels and then put them in tupperwear. The cloth keeps them from getting moist, which causes the mold. Make sure the cheese and container are dry. I also put it on the top rack of the fridge where the light is, that way there is less condensation and/or drips from other items in the fridge.

What Is the Best Way to Store Cheese?Good Questions
3/13/12 04:56 PM

Love this post, thanks for the insight!

Well Designed Travel: Top 5 Carry-On Suitcases
1/26/12 08:54 AM

omg. love...

Jane's Comfortably Luxurious Family Home
House Tour

10/5/11 03:32 PM

totally creepy owl.

A Pop-Up Apartment at The Yard
Showhouse Tour

9/7/11 12:13 PM

Google + is AWESOME, for all the reasons you stated and more!

Use Google Hangouts for More Than Just Video Chat
8/9/11 10:36 AM

oh dear, I love it.

Vince's Flower District Home
House Tour

7/25/11 03:10 PM

Love what you've done, but I wouldn't move into an apartment with a mini fridge, so your landlord might have some serious issues once you leave. Wondering if you will be required to purchase a full size frige upon your departure....

Anna's Cheerful Oasis of a Kitchen
7/22/11 03:26 PM

Add a splash of Vodka, and we call it a John Daly.

Refreshing Summer Drink: The Arnold Palmer
6/27/11 10:21 AM

O.M.G. I want to live here.

Anil and Shannon's 655-Square-Foot Two-Bedroom Loft
Green Tour

4/29/11 02:32 PM

I LOVE my GalTab! The size is perfect for reading on my Kindle app on the subway, I can get to my gmail from anywhere, it is the perfect size (I have the 1st GalTab 7in) I HIGHTLY recommend it... I love it!

The Late Adopter: The Samsung Galaxy Tab
Unplggd Test Lab

4/28/11 11:29 AM

After looking again at these pictures I am a bit confused. I still don't think this is an "apartment" without running water, but what is odd to me at closer inspection? I don't think it is real. Look at the pillows in the 5th picture. They don't seem to be sitting on the bed but look photoshopped into the picture.

I don't know... this whole entry weirds me out.

Luke's Barely Habitable
4/26/11 09:30 AM

LOVE the kitchen!

Christopher's Spaciousness
4/25/11 02:46 PM

Love what Luke has done, but without a bathroom I don't consider this an "apartment". In NY it is possible to have an apartment with no real kitchen, but no bathroom means you are renting a room in someone elses apartment.

Luke? Clarification?

Luke's Barely Habitable
4/25/11 11:16 AM

can't see the floorplan.... there is just an x fix? otherwise, love what I see!

Nadia's Need for Creativity
4/21/11 11:03 AM

Love it... but don't quite buy the square footage. Kitchen looks too big. Love what you've done with it!

Cammie's Chunk of Green
4/20/11 10:01 AM

love the loft bed with the storage under! Great!

Jason's Brownstone Studio
4/18/11 11:09 AM