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gahhh! so bummed i missed this! im new to austin and would of loved attending this.... gahhhhhhh!!!!

Inspiration from Austin's Best Furniture Designs
12/13/10 03:14 PM

great art, very boring hotel environment though. it looks like no one has ever lived there.

Apartment Therapy New York | Donald Bryant Jr.'s Home as Museum The Wall Street Journal
9/17/09 09:45 AM

i found one of these at the ann arbor treasure mart about 2 months ago. it is a eames shell, wrapped in black vinyl. i got mine for 40 dollars. very little documentation about this one. i dont know if they are rare or not, but its a great piece. its perfect for a macbook and a cup of coffee in the morning!

Apartment Therapy New York | Herman Miller School Desk - $200 New York Scavenger
9/8/09 11:15 AM

im sure you will hear from eames demetrios, if not already. he wrote an editorial to dwell once about mentioning knock offs as a solution... im ambivalent myself, as knock offs can be just as important as the real thing, ie keener/jackobsen 7 chair. it has everything to do with what people can afford. i remember reading something about the ray eames white fiberglass chaise and how it was created for an easily reproducible/inexpensive furniture competition. vitra makes it for 9000 dollars. a knockoff is 900. which one seems more like the original ethos of the piece?

Apartment Therapy New York | Eames Knock Offs, Fakes Copies
4/14/09 04:16 PM

i hope that kid doesnt drink it!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | CISTA Urban Rainwater Collection by Toronto's Moss Sund and fig forty
2/12/09 05:23 PM

thats not very nice guys... i think its a neat little place! bravo!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Creative Couple Makes Most of Small Space SF Examiner
2/10/09 11:17 PM

apple green felt. im serious.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Upholstering Aluminum Chairs?
2/4/09 11:43 AM

have you ever been up to goodhart? its right up the lake from harbor springs. there are many nice minimalist cabins along that route. i spent many times in one in particular that was owned by my fathers late friend. he had a nice wassilly chair in front of a large picture window overlooking lake michigan with all of his books close by. it was designed by his father, who was an architect in detroit. it is easily one of the best places in michigan, in my opinion.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Inspiration: Michigan Cottage Style from Harbor Springs
1/28/09 03:54 PM

check out those gloves he is wearing...

Apartment Therapy Boston | Karl Lagerfeld's New England Home Grand Isle, Vermont
1/8/09 06:01 PM

now thats a portrait i can get behind!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Question: Window Coverings for Small Narrow Windows
1/5/09 02:43 PM

the typewriter is a olivetti valentine. they usually run around 150-300 on ebay. i have a lettera 32 and its amazing.

Apartment Therapy New York | January: Most Popular Products Best of 2008
12/22/08 01:27 PM

i love that blu dot photo. such a perfect design!

Apartment Therapy New York | January: Most Popular Products Best of 2008
12/22/08 11:24 AM

that is kind beautiful. make sure to take some high resolution photos before removing it. what is your water source by the way, the chicago river on st. patricks day?!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To... Remove Bath Tub Stains ...According to the Color of the Stain
12/17/08 03:25 PM

i saw cries and whispers with my mother in law.... imagine my face at that one scene... in a theatre. a pure ricky gervais moment.

Apartment Therapy New York | ColorTherapy in Film: Christmas Red
12/16/08 01:10 PM

i find myself sitting in my eames lounge with a nice pillow behind my head, cup of coffee in hand, feet up on my low table, listing to records... it seems to be a winter thing!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Warm Up Your Home with Music
12/9/08 09:54 PM

i love how this cute video pissed someone off...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Eames Shell Chair Step By Step Video
12/5/08 05:49 PM

to quote rauchenberg....
"this is a portrait, because i say so."

you all make art. everyday. what can make it art ( in my mind) is if you think of it as so. what jooly said was great! you need no background to make something inspiring, thought provoking to you or others. people shouldnt be discouraging the act of creation. i have a feeling those thoughts are coming from those that would rather a post done about them (who wouldnt) than what in their minds is "counterfeit art".

my last thought....
a few months back i was very inspired by the recent art of stanley donwood. i wanted to try to emulate some of the textures he came to through wax and ink. i tried it and came up with my own thing. i was so happy with it i posted it on my blog and a few people bought a few copies. if it hadnt been for mr donwood inspiring me enough to try to emulate him, i would of been out a new technique and a few hundred dollars... check it out here if you want....

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Bringing Famous Art Into Your Home On A Budget
12/1/08 04:06 PM

i consider this real art. its saying something to someone obviously. that message may be "im copying something i really like" or "im too cheap to go after a real one." both are valid messages though. would i rather people go after my art( of course (hint, hint)... but people dont want that. which is a message as well. the thing that i find fascinating here is that people are creating instead of buying. which is good and creative for the "buyer" and bad for the "24/7 artist". oh well. art is fascinating, lovely, and frustrating....

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Bringing Famous Art Into Your Home On A Budget
12/1/08 02:19 PM

thats from muji!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | San Francisco Blogger Search: Help Wanted!
12/1/08 02:10 PM

i would love to see the faces of the owners when the sheepskin sleeping bed is chewed up. that may be the first moment they realize that they bought that for a dog.... im still grasping with the question if this is real....

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Hot or Not? $382,000 Doghouse
12/1/08 12:15 PM