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English Bulldogs! They sleep for 18+ hours a day, and really, they are the sweetest things! Ours is super playful (in between naps) and wouldn't hurt a fly. They are really funny, smart and laid-back. The best part about having him (and I don't know if this is just our specific dog or if it's a breed thing), he doesn't bark. Every once in a while we might get one, but he doesn't yap, whine or howl. Snoring on the other hand...

As for the comments regarding ADOPT/RESCUE ONLY, I say, it's great if you can, but I don't see what's wrong with someone buying a dog from a breeder.

We bought our dog, and we couldn't be happier! We researched a lot of breeds based on several factors, and when it came down to it, we chose an English Bully. We couldn't find many in shelters that were young, and we were determined to find a puppy we could raise, not an adult dog.

Those dogs need to have a home too, and while I agree that dogs in shelters probably need it more, it really isn't fair to push your personal views on other people.

It's just annoying and reeks of elitism. There's room for pets in any household that is ready to take on the responsibility, no matter where they come from.

Best Dogs for Apartment Living?
9/28/11 01:05 PM

I was all about it until we got to the bedroom. I think the bedding and that heinous lamp are throwing it off for me, sorry!

Carrie's Girly Glam Dream Apartment
House Call

3/2/11 05:41 PM

Great apartment! Amazing sense of style and design. It's nice to see a place that is very modern but still looks lived in, bravo!

PS. Can we talk about the fireplace, please? Amazing.

Michael & Benjamin's Modern Contemporary Apartment
House Tour

3/2/11 05:18 PM