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I have ordered from etsy close to 40 times and have been pleased each time! Fav site and have passed the word on to several friends! Currently in love with woodfrock (kids superhero capes) - divagalintoronto

Our Favorite Etsy Stores, 2011 Edition— And Tell Us Yours!
3/19/11 08:50 PM

So, i'm not in love with the particular style of this space but I do realize that often the feel and soul of a home can not often be translated in pictures over the internet. I bet that this would be a fantastic place to go for a dinner party or a friends + kids pancake kindo' brunch. So for that, a big thumbs up!

Kirsty & Phil's House of Little Treasures
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3/9/11 03:00 PM

You've managed for a big box kitchen to look timeless and classic. Good Job. (I'm redoing my 50's bungalow kitchen right now too...ah, the musty seemingly toxic paint with the chipped wood and peeling floor wasn't worth all of its nostalgia :)

Before & After: Chicago Bungalow Kitchen
3/6/11 06:22 AM

This article reminds me of seeing a motivational speaker - the tips might seem obvious but one needs to be reminded of such things :) I just tripped on something in my bedroom on my way to check emails, so clearly I am one of them.

The sheet debate is very personal. I change my 2-3 times a week, but I have a toddler + a hundred pound dog that always seem to do a sneak snuggle attack through the night. Sheet changing, dog sleeping with...ah, it's a personal thing....after all, what you do in your bedroom is no ones business. ;)

5 Steps to a Permanently Cleaner Bedroom
3/1/11 09:32 PM