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Not sure if this helps, but we recently bit the bullet and painted our walls a dark gray and have wood floors. Here are some pics (you have to suffer through pics of our kitchen too): https://picasaweb.google.com/102162851031238378365/BeforeAndAfterPaint?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCKnTp8ST7KDbsAE&feat=directlink

Warm Oak Floors with Cool Gray Walls?
Good Questions

8/24/11 10:02 PM

Watching tv while cleaning has always helped. Unfortunately, I try to keep the tv out of the bedroom. To make cleaning go faster, I'll watch a movie or shows on my laptop as I clean. It goes so much faster and helps me from getting distracted when I go into another room to put something away.

I also found it kind of motivating to take before and after pics with my cell phone. I know it sounds stupid, but it's really so satisfying to see how much my hard work paid off! :)

5 Steps to a Permanently Cleaner Bedroom
3/1/11 06:45 PM