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I bought my dog's bed from a great etsy shop

Seriously fabulous pet beds. I hate, hate, hate doggy-themed stuff, so I was super happy to find this shop. The cover comes off to wash and the insert is really fluffy.

Modern Pet Beds
3/9/11 06:19 PM

I'm a tidy person in general but here are the things that help keep my room neat and tidy always:

2 laundry hampers. One for darks, one for lights. Helps me keep an eye on how much is piling up versus one big overflowing hamper.I'm more inclined to throw a load of darks in mid-week when I se it getting full

2 sets of sheets. I change mine weekly. I too am grossed out by the thought that someone would forget and go longer but it happens, so always have a clean set on back up so that you aren't deterred by having to do a load of laundry

No dog in the bed. I love my dog more than most people I know but my bed is white and she is not. She has her own bed in the living room. Occasionally, if I know that I'm washing the sheets the next day, I'll let her up for a cuddle. I also wash her bed weekly. I bought a beautiful one from Etsy (pipsqueek and pitunia) and the cover comes off. If her bed smells good, she smells good

No tv. If my bedroom is only for sleeping and dressing, it limits the mess I am capable of making in there. If I hang out and watch tv in there, I'm likely to bring in snacks or the mail or whatever.

5 Steps to a Permanently Cleaner Bedroom
3/1/11 04:58 PM