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We have similar kitchen chairs and I've been using flannel-back table cloths to cover them. Before you recoil in horror, hear me out... I'm brutally indecisive in choosing a fabric design/color and I have a charming two year old who's handy with markers. The table cloths are wicked cheap, easy to use, and get changed out with every season/holiday.
Once the graffiti phase has tapered off and I pick a color scheme I'll invest in some quality outdoor fabric, until then... :o)

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3/14/13 12:17 PM

No really, where are these babies sleeping?? I'd love to regain some of the space that a crib takes up in the boys' room but I'm also fully opposed to sleeping three high (co-sleeping) unless it's absolutely necessary: sick kid, scared kid, Sunday morning snuggles, etc. (no disrespect to those who do co-sleep, it's just not for us)

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3/27/12 12:21 AM

Agreed that the Peepee Teepees are mostly a novelty, but as for the wipes warmer... it's sort of a courteous thing to take the edge off of those wipes (I just warm them in my hands now, can't find the darn warmer from baby #1). Don't agree? The next time you're changing a diaper at 2am, grab a wipe and give YOUR bits a swipe - yikes, chilly! ;o)

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Man of the House

3/1/11 11:09 AM