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you're paranoid ;)

Ideas For Covering Window in Door? Good Questions
9/28/12 08:05 AM

Oh, and these all look great I think, plenty of colour and warmth(wood) to compliment the bold greys.

Going Gaga For Gray Walls
10/25/11 11:20 AM

All depends on context. My (rented) bathrooms are both grey (noisy/speckled/fake marble walls and floors). The rooms are cold -though clean looking- and look like hotel bathrooms.

If/when I buy this flat the first thing I'd do is inject a load of colour and warmth into them!

Going Gaga For Gray Walls
10/25/11 11:18 AM

We have a similar thing in the UK. Much more convenient than a skip! Can't recommend it enough

Dumpster in a Bag: Bagster
3/1/11 09:47 AM