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First one: LOVE! Rest: Meh...

I kind of like the second pic, dining room, however something is wrong about that chandelier. It is either not antique or big or emphatic enough to compete with the emptiness of the room, or the concrete wall/art/thing. I like that it is old, and all else is spare/modern, but it needs to be MORE something.... Not sure what.

A Peek Into the 2013 DC Design House
4/16/13 01:20 PM

Holy wow. You are awesome!

Before & After: Cassity Steps Up Her Staircase
3/6/13 06:53 PM

Reading some of the posts... why are people up in arms?!? That pine paneling wasn't 100 years old! It was from the 60s.... And it looked awful.

Before & After: A 100-Year-Old Farmhouse Freshens Up The Sweeten
2/27/13 06:01 PM

Wow. Looks super.

In the past I've argued for keeping knotty pine panelling in a small, bar-like room, but this had to go, I agree. It looks so great. It's not really my favorite decor-style, but it looks really great in the space. Awesome job.

Before & After: A 100-Year-Old Farmhouse Freshens Up The Sweeten
2/27/13 05:59 PM

Love it!

Before & After: Coffee Table Turned Tufted Ottoman Inside-Out Design
2/21/13 01:43 PM

Looks nicer, for sure. But where did that great mod little triangular jetsons table from the before picture go? That was awesome.

Before & After: Samna Transforms a Studio in 5 Days
2/21/13 01:38 PM

Where did this weird insecurity to "have everything perfect" come from? I definitely feel it myself, but I remember being in my 20s and having people over all the time, whether I'd cleaned up or not. Nobody cared and we all had a blast. What is it about 'growing up' that turns us all into June Cleaver? Is it the Martha Stewart phenomenon? Is it home magazines? Our consumer culture? Is it June Cleaver?

I personally hate this pressure feeling and long for the days when I didn't feel like I had to do something special to have people over. It's nice when you set an amazing table with napkins sculpted into the shape of leaping dolphins, but it really doesn't add to the party. I'd rather be with friends in a cozy mess, than alone in a cozy mess.

Go with the Flow: Simple Ways to Relax and Enjoy Hosting
1/31/13 01:08 PM

I like your place. ...I think. I can't really tell. All I can see is the artwork and your pets. It's practically impossible to get an idea of any overall room. Except the living room. I wish the rooms were photographed and not the "arrangements."

Kim & Scott's Fresh Reverie House Tour
1/7/13 12:32 PM

Confused. In front of the firelplace, like instead of a fire? Or on top of the mantle? If on top of the mantle, why not hide the cords by zip-tying them together and put a tall basket-style vase with some tall feathery dried grass or twigs or something that suits your style and just set it directly in front of the cords. Then make sure rest of cords run along the edge of the wall. You could wrap them in ribbon or something and make it at least look more intentional? Just an idea.

Your Biggest & Smallest Living Room Problems??
2013 Reader Forum

1/7/13 12:26 PM

Incredible porch! Not really my style overall, personally, but I REALLY like it. These people look fun.

One gentle constructive criticism: The walls feel really naked. There's so much empty wall space and they are so tall, and all pics seem grouped together in tight groupings. The effect is that they are huddled together with the furniture in fear of the overall vastness of the house!

I wish there was either more air in between the pics on the wall, or larger pictures or something. Maybe they just haven't gotten it all moved in yet. The rest of the house and furnishings I love. It's so eclectic and interesting. Nice mesh of old and new.

Ruthie & Will's Eclectic Nashville Charmer House Tour
1/7/13 12:21 PM

Gorgeous! When can I move in?

Alan's Retreat In The Hills House Tour
1/3/13 02:23 PM

What a bummer. You took something special and made it generic. Most dwellings are made of drywall. Now this just looks like something anyone in any builder-designed suburb could do, for cheap.

Why not leave at least the beams wood, or some of the paneling (like just the cieling) and just update the furniture and lighting. I like the zinc counter in the bar, but the rest of the bar makes me want to cry. What a waste of something special.

Before & After: Family Room from Dark to Light
1/2/13 12:24 PM

Hey "Judge much?" I think it's hilarious that on a site where people are invited to comment--proffering opinion is practically the purpose of this site--people take offense to the cowhide haters.

Personally, steak is my favorite food, and I like cowhides, so I agree with the non-veggies, but still, the point of this whole site is to JUDGE!

Small Tricks, Big Difference for an Evolving Home
12/12/12 06:35 PM


Before & After:
A Studio Facelift in Brooklyn The Sweeten

12/11/12 03:30 PM

For anyone wanting to insulate their windows without losing the original historical charm, and not wanting to have to remove storm windows come summer, try IndowWindows:

5 Ways to Keep Yourself Warm at Home
11/26/12 12:57 PM

Gorgeous. Elegant. Lucky to have all those beautiful moldings.

I miss some personality beyond the great taste in furniture, though. A picture or painting on the wall would be so nice. It looks a bit cold and austere in there.

Rachel's Harmonious Home in Berlin House Tour
10/23/12 05:33 PM

Change those drapes to something colorful and light, with a pattern that has curvy lines and you're nearly there.

How Do I Soften the Look of My New
Living Room? Good Questions

10/23/12 05:29 PM

The walls are cool. The floor is yucky. So are the curtains and furniture. I'd throw down some light or bright rugs. Put in some light or bright curtains, soft furniture, etc. Leave the walls. It looks cozy.

If you JUST CAN'T STAND IT, I'd sand the walls, a lot of work, and then white wash them, with a cold white, but let the knots bleed through. I've seen this and it looks really nice. Very modern. If you plush up the furnishings a bit, I don't think the wood will look so dark, though.

Check out this interior, it's all wood.

Ways To Modernize Pine Ceilings and Walls? Good Questions
10/18/12 02:58 PM

The brouhaha over the lamp is immediately undermined by its placement next to the dreamcatcher! It's a slow day at AptTherapy.

That was an awesome lamp. Now it could easily fit in at a goodwill, and someone with little taste would buy it to put next to their sort-of-contemporary-but-not-so-much-as-to-actually-be-cool furniture.

What if someone had painted the base a bright yellow? (or some other color, but eyecatching) and then put it in front of a smoky grey wall? Or brown if you like, but not so blah!

I know, if you can't say anything nice.... I'm gone.

The Power Of Paint:
My Lamp Before & After

9/25/12 05:49 PM

I love the podcast idea. That could really get me to my desk for those unwanted but necessary tasks.

Renovation Lessons: Learning To Finish What You Start
9/19/12 12:31 PM