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I hate when people try to make me "understand science"; I have a technical degree in food science, I know what I'm talking about. The person who wrote that article googled the information, I used eleven years of academic formation and factory practices.
Sunflower and canola oil have enough unsaturated fatty acids to form a perfectly good seasoning, there's no need to use expensive linseed oil. In fact, it's an awful waste, since that oil it's a great source of omega-3 when is raw.

Help! Why Won't My Cast Iron Pan Stay Seasoned? Good Questions
7/10/14 12:31 PM

Don't use coconut oil, use canola or sunflower instead. Coconut oil has 90% saturated fats, so the polymerization is minimum.

Help! Why Won't My Cast Iron Pan Stay Seasoned? Good Questions
7/10/14 09:31 AM

The Na labelying is really tricky isn't it? Here we have:

No salt added: less than 5 mg or naturally prepared with salt (so it can be loaded with nitrites and nitrates and still be "no salt added"!).
Low: less than 120 mg.
Very low: less than 40 mg.
Reduced: 25 % less and the difference must be over 120 mg.

What Sodium Labels Mean: A Guide to Decoding Sodium Labels Sodium Savvy
7/1/14 04:52 PM

Go Faith! I really liked this introduction :)

What's the Difference Between Salt & Sodium? Sodium Savvy
7/1/14 04:24 PM

You can rub it with a bit of sodium bicarbonate after every use. The iron only rusts in a acidic environment, the alkali will help you to avoid this, without having to heat de pestle and mortar every time you use it.

What's the Best Way to Season My Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle? Good Questions
7/1/14 11:00 AM

It says "Sodium is a component of table salt..." And at the end of the post there's a box that indicates that this is a series of posts about Na in food and diet, not about chemistry.

I have osteopenia, and my daily Na intake is half of the amount the WHO recomend for my age; and can't even replace it with K salts, since all the medications that I take are potassium sparing. NOT FUNNY at all!

What's the Difference Between Salt & Sodium? Sodium Savvy
6/27/14 12:51 PM

Hello dear, love the grey and pink one!
But this kind of blankets are typical of all South America, not just Bolivia and the name is frazada, with a "z"

Frasadas for the Home
2/28/11 11:21 AM