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oh eek! If I'd known someone was going to repost this I would have taken down that fabric over the window LOL!
The legs on the sink: you can saw a table leg in half, but in my case it was two legs that I had to saw 3/4 off -- I wanted the foot of the leg to be complete so it looked more "real". (sorry if this is confusing, maybe I'll post about that)

Before & After: A Kitchen Transformed By Paint, Twice
Mom and Her Drill

4/4/11 10:03 AM

Thanks for such a nice post, and to answer the "toxic" comments:
I work in a factory that uses these, but there is also a pallet company nearby that makes them. I haven't used pallets from China, because I have a source right here that makes them and throws the used ones away. I don't see them spraying any chemicals on anything.

DIY Scrap Wood Pallet Wall
Mom and Her Drill

2/27/11 07:42 PM