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I would clear out the kitchen and take a good look at the counters and take good look ate them. Whatever color you see wi ll be the wall cabs and the walls..Then choose a dark color that complements the wall and paint the lower cabinets. Replace the microwave with one that fills the space. Paint the column of microwave and oven dark. Find accessories with these colors. A rug that is black and white with an accent color,orange. Make the drawer pull very simple This should really change the look. You may like it.

How To Update Outdated Oak Kitchen Cabinets?
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3/23/11 09:36 AM

I know about crackling sheets and I agree with you. I do not like slippery sheets either. I believe you might find what you want at Penn'ys . I think it was a 300 thread count. I have been feeling sheets to find what I wanted. Read the comments in the pennys site . Someone asks for just such a sheet.

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3/17/11 06:50 AM

I have the same problem. Had it many times. This time I have a tiny kitchen and decided to use the space. I have many baskets and I selected ones of similar size and style with some function I filled them with thing like Christmas cookie cutters in plastic bags so the contents are clean. It could even be non kitchen.....maybe something to hide. Just wrap it in plastic. ...I have a plan for the baskets taped on the inside of a cabinet door......The color is neutral but it provide texture.....I think the space that really needs filling is next to window. An oversize poster from the top of the frame to close to the floor.

Creative Ways To Fill Space Above Kitchen Cabinets?
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2/27/11 01:06 AM