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I had never seen a pan like this until I moved in with my girlfriend. They work great! Unfortunately, she took one outside (who knows why) and it ended up rusting, so I only have one left...hard to make a 2-layer cake with one pan:( I have bought cheap pans, expensive pans, used professional grade non-stick spray, parchment paper rounds, pans brushed with shortening & sprinkled with flour and NOTHING works as well the silly little rotating slider bar!!!

Why This Is My Favorite Cake Pan
1/14/13 06:21 PM

My favorite cocktail is The Harrington. I love The Harrington at a local Italian restaurant, Galletto Ristorante in Modesto, CA.

I don't have the measurements, but they make theirs with Crystal Head Vodka, Cointreau, Yellow Chartruese and a flamed orange peel. Lovely!

Literary Drinks: 10 Famous Fiction Writers and Their Cocktails
5/9/12 11:27 PM

It depends...if it is at home on my day off (my house cleaning day) I eat my lunch with the tv on in the background, but attempt to eat mindfully. When I am at a restaurant alone (actually a special treat to myself when this happens and is at a small cafe), I like to people watch and have my nose in and out of a book. Even though I am hopefully YEARS away from being on my own (when I lose my spouse, if she happens to precede my in our world departure) I bought Judith Jones' book on cooking for one. I don't want to lose my interest and enjoyment for cooking if I am on my own and want it to continue to give me joy, as well as nourishment. Love the article and the blog post...good food for thought!

Cooking for One: Eating Alone
2/8/12 11:22 AM

If someone wants to pay waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much for their daily cup-o-joe, then that is their stupidity...my issue is the environmental cost. Every damn time a cup of coffee is made with the pods, a k-cup goes into landfill. It amazes me how my friends that are environmentally considerate through it all out the window for the convenience of the k-cup and all the while talking about how they are not wasting coffee by using the k-cups. That is my issue with them!

$51 Per Pound: The Deceptive Cost of Single-Serve Coffee
The New York Times

2/8/12 10:59 AM

I made this recipe tonight for dinner and it was WONDERFUL! It will become a regular in my repertoire. It would be a great dinner for guests since the longest part of the preparation can be done ahead of time. I served the chicken with a butter leaf salad with tangelo supremes, dried cranberries & toasted walnuts, lightly dressed in a champagne vinaigrette and of course, crusty rustic French bread. Made an apple clafouti with apple brandy sauce and it was close to a perfect meal!

Dinner Recipe: Braised French Onion Chicken with Gruyère
1/30/12 12:10 AM

I love both roasting AND eating roast chicken!. I have a citrus salt that I sprinkle inside and outside of the chicken, stuff the cavity with some garlic cloves and whatever herbs I have on hand. Thickly sliced onions make a great "roasting rack", pour a liberal glass of whatever white wine I am sipping in the pan and into to the oven the bird goes! YUM:)

Sunday Dinner: 7 Takes on Roast Chicken
1/27/12 11:57 PM

Breathtaking woman and your words are a lovely addition.

Weekend Meditation: Simplicity, Work, and Enjoyment
1/23/12 12:27 AM

I purchased a copy of the first issue of Kinfolk and subscribe to their feeds. Just a totally inspirational concept. Although I am considerably older than the folks featured, it speaks to me all the same. Another publication I would highly recommend it Edible. They have them for many different US regions. I subscribe to Edible San Francisco (guess they didn't think an Edible Modesto would sell many copies) and love it. I also just ordered the Winter Kinfolk. Thanks for other suggestions!

Winter Reading List: 10 Terrific Quarterly Food Journals
1/18/12 11:16 AM

I feel exactly the same way, but have always had a hard time explaining it to others. I just say that being in the kitchen cooking or baking is my "zen space". That I can "shut my brain off from everything else but the task at hand". Being a type A personality, that is a difficult mind space to achieve and normally requires a drive to the ocean, which is seldom very convenient. Thank for expressing so eloquently what I have yet to put into proper words.

Weekend Meditation: The Quiet Joy of Cooking
1/15/12 11:58 AM

The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook. Great, usable recipes, lovely photos & a fun format that encourages you to make notes and make the cookbook your own family heirloom.

What Was Your Favorite New Cookbook of 2011?
12/12/11 10:41 PM

So great...I have a photo of my children (ages 2 & 3) standing on chairs (the theme of course) helping me make a chocolate cake. Both are in "footie" pajamas with cake batter about their lips. I can see that moment in my mind even without the photo in front of me:) Thanks for sharing others sweet memories and bringing ours to mind.

The Kitchens Where We First Learned to Love Food
12/8/11 11:31 AM

A couple of years ago, I was attending a sales meeting for the company I work for in Yosemite. They brought out a late afternoon snack of tomato soup with mini grilled cheese sandwiches, warm cookies and ice cold milk...it was brilliant. It was cold and snowing outside and we snacked on them like it was the best food ever created...all of us 30-60 somethings felt like we were nurtured children!

Look! Grilled Cheese Croutons for Tomato Soup
11/14/11 11:21 PM

Our daughter & son-in-law will be home from San Diego for the week and it is her birthday. We are throwing a b-day/autumnal feast for 22 people.
Menu is: antipasto platters, spaghetti Bolognese, penne w/pesto, green salad w/homemade ranch dressing, assorted breads w/garlic butter, confetti cake, biscotti and LOTS of vino!

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of October 1-2, 2011

9/30/11 11:26 PM

The store that I manage is an outdoor lifestyle & travel clothing company. The original founders brought in a huge and very heavy piece of redwood that had fallen down and they harvested. For many years they used it at their cabin (it even has a burn in it from a single burner camp stove!) but it made its way into the store 20+ years ago. The table legs are huge redwood stumps. Between the leg and the table, the combined weight has to be 500 pounds! The table is beautiful and get comments on it constantly.

Dining Tables from Felled Trees
8/30/11 11:28 AM

I put roman shades on my kitchen window, a small door window leading out to my patio and in the guest bathroom window. I did it because it was inexpensive and was on a limited budget. That was 7 years ago and they are still up because I love them. I bought mine for a song at World Market (Cost Plus) and they have held up beautifully!

Roman Shades on Kitchen Windows
8/5/11 11:29 AM

In my area there are 2 hole in the wall diners that make fantastic biscuits, so I leave it up to them for my breakfast fix (along with wonderful sausage & bacon gravy), but when I do have a hankering for breakfast at home, I make Marion Cunningham's recipe for cream biscuits. So easy and you can't mess them up. Perfect with Plugra sweet butter and my homemade strawberry jam!

What's Your Biscuit Philosophy?
7/28/11 11:14 AM

My favorites are salad Lyonnaise and Caesar Salad. If I am wanting it to be a more substantial meal, I grill a small piece of salmon for the Lyonnaise or a chicken breast for the Caesar. We often serve Ina Garten's recipe for Salmon Nicoise Salad for dinner guests during the summer with some nice homemade bread...perfect!

What Kind of Salad Eater Are You?
6/21/11 10:52 AM

After surviving the era of avocado green, almond and white appliances, I am still very happy with my stainless steel. I will say that my trusty white refrigerator was MUCH easier to keep clean on the exterior though. The fingerprints on stainless are a pain and it does scratch:(

Trend Watch: Is White the New Stainless Steel?
6/9/11 11:24 AM

Well, even though it is officially summer, much of CA is experiencing unseasonable weather...very cool temperatures, rain, snow, tornadoes. No grilling this weekend:( Making beef Bourgignon on Sunday and lasagna on Monday. Maybe the grill will be fired back up NEXT weekend:)

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of June 4-5, 2011

6/3/11 11:17 PM

OH...forgot to mention that my daughter and future son in law presented me with your wonderful book for my birthday and I LOVE it!

We Gather To Eat: What Does Entertaining Mean to You?
5/13/11 12:55 AM