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why not?

Review: Savoir No. 2 Bed - "The Savoy"
A Year in Bed

6/7/11 12:04 AM

i don't get all the rice cooker talk. I'm sure they work great but so does a regular old pot with a lid-my rice is perfect every time.

The Great Appliance Purge: An Update
6/6/11 10:52 PM

it is very cute-but for gods sake let a kid have a birthday cake. everything in moderation!

Forget The Cake & Opt For Fruit Instead!
4/5/11 11:17 PM

they stain everything- we used them in the bath and i had to scrub the walls and my daughter- then we threw them away, total waste of money!

Colored Bubbles: Too Good To Be True?
4/4/11 02:30 PM


Cleaning the Inside of Bath Toys
Good Questions

2/25/11 12:00 AM