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this apartment dweller wants all the green space please…….these are all fabulous inspirations. I'm excited to see this project progress!

Renovation Diary: The Inspiration for Laura's Backyard Reno
5/16/14 01:07 PM

So, I am actually in the exact same boat. I just bought a MCM sectional, and am planning on reupholstering/refinishing it because it is a little beat up (but hey, I will take the $150 price tag any day).

I'm wondering if you could share your source for new cushions! I have plans for making my own cushion covers, but I would like to get some nicer cushions for it first. Thanks, and good luck with your new sofa!

Color Ideas for Reupholstering Vintage Sectional? Good Questions
5/14/14 01:03 PM

I can't wait until I graduate from graduate school and really get to choose my own place to live. But I move so often that I've got #5 down to a science. Everything, including my bike, fits into my compact car without too much trouble.

I can't help but ask, does anyone know the name of the style of chair in the picture? It looks so light and open, but comfortable at the same time...

Apartment Search Secrets: 5 Things To Do Right Now to Find the Perfect Home Renters Solutions
5/2/14 12:52 PM

I think they are bread shaped cork coasters. I have the same set.

Recycled Jars or Pretty New Purchases: Would You Make the Switch?
3/25/14 05:15 PM

Tour please!

Also, Yay Minneapolis!!

Brett & Chad's Merging of Styles House Call
2/3/14 07:06 PM

I love this place so much I could cry.

Esthera and Gus's Bohemian Abode House Tour
2/1/14 12:59 PM

oh my goodness, this is gorgeous. i too would like to know where the futon/couches came from!

Elsie & Sergio's Budget Backyard My Great Outdoors
8/20/13 01:24 PM

I actually really like that sofa, does anyone recognize it?

Adam's Streamlined Simplicity Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 02:14 PM

this. is. awesome. I would move in here in a second.

Katie's Eccentric Charm Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 09:30 AM

I'm sorry, can someone explain to me how this isn't just fancy instant coffee?

Win: Keurig Vue® V700 Brewer! Thursday Giveaway
4/11/13 05:49 PM

sorry. never mind, I found it!

Ahoy! Pacific Helm's Happy Modern Office Workspace Tour
4/8/13 03:45 PM

this is adorable!

where are the two sofas (yellow and grey) from?

Ahoy! Pacific Helm's Happy Modern Office Workspace Tour
4/8/13 03:30 PM

this is amazing. I would LOVE to see a source article for this room!

Wakako's Earth Tones Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/24/13 08:14 PM

Sell furniture. You are lucky in that New York has a great craigslist market, where you can actually re-coop costs. If you have some time before moving, start noticing/tracking what you use and what you don't, and try to only keep what you actually use. At least that's been my strategy.... Good luck though! Remember that the city is part of your living space, so live in it!

How Do We Make the Move? 3-Bedroom to a Small Studio Good Questions
3/1/13 08:17 AM


Before & After: A 1990s Bathroom Gets a Modern Update
2/26/13 08:53 AM

so. incredibly. beautiful.

I also really appreciate the "what my friends say", as that's pretty much what my friends say to my crappy grad student apartment too. :)

Kathleen & Matt's California Craftsman House Tour
1/29/13 08:36 PM

beautiful! but where did that beautiful persian rug go??

Before & After:
A Studio Facelift in Brooklyn The Sweeten

12/11/12 08:43 PM

This had to be said.

Are You Overstyled?
11/1/12 01:00 PM


Before & After: Vintage Settee MakeoverKnot All that I Seam
10/1/12 09:56 AM

it might just be me, but I can't find those planteers on the ikea website... are they only sold in stores?

Make a Vertical Garden with IKEA Burjons IKEA Hackers
6/15/12 11:42 AM