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Unpopular Opinion: I want an avocado green refrigerator!

The 10 Worst Things About Renting (And How to Deal with Them) Renters Solutions
7/15/14 12:30 PM

Another example of something meaningful that is now regarded as kitch. However I do love THETRICKSTR's idea. I live in Kansas and I love the band Kansas (have a VERY complicated relationship with The Wizard of Oz). Will have to look out for that poster!!!

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On
3/9/12 09:54 PM

I love that he refers to his place as a hovel. I do too! BTW: a hovel is a cave-like dwelling. Love his place!!!

Rutger's "Charming Hovel" in London House Tour
3/9/12 09:50 PM

Thanks for the recommendations. Oh and that picture is epic on so many levels!!

Sleek Alternatives to Post-Its: List Lovers Take Note!
1/13/12 11:56 PM

Apparently the place in the Diana Agron "Nylon" shoot is all 60's down to the Life magazine's on the coffee table. So funny because I just tweeted Nylon asking them about more pics of the house. The phone and the couch on I think 123 is to DIE for!!!! BTW: the pink and orange in the picture makes my eyes hurt. :-(

Fashion Meets Decor: 60s Mod + Contemporary Decor
1/13/12 11:47 PM

My favs that aren't on the list:

A Clockwork Orange: Alex's bedroom, the writer's apartment, and the cat lady's place were all amazing.

Cruel Intentions: I can't remember if Ryan P. or Sarah Michelle Geller had the blue bedroom but I loved it!!

Because I said so: Mandy Moore's apartment is drool worthy.

Grease: Frenchy's bedroom...enough said.

Empire Records: music stores have never looked so cool.

Wayne's World: loved to go to a place like Gasworks, plus Wayne's parents basement with the afghan on the couch is iconic.

Blue's Brothers: the diner with Aretha, the music store with Ray, the country bar, then the venue they play at the end. Awesomeness!!!

Cinema Style: 20 Unforgettable American Movie Interiors
8/5/11 11:48 AM

The landing strip is amazing however I call mine a launch pad. Another way of putting is that everything should have a proper home. If you care for it, then it should have a proper place and be taken care of. For example, my keys either live on my purse strap or on the back of the door. Such a relief to know where the keys are!

7 Tips To Keep Your Home Clean (And Your Spirit Lifted)
6/3/11 01:22 AM

My dad made my mom give away her Beatles albums, on vinyl.

My great uncle threw away a fiesta ware pitcher that was my grandmother's. It was vintage, quite a collector's piece, and had sentimental value for my mom. That's why my mom has fiesta ware in like every color. I have some too, it's shamrock!!

I Can't Believe My Parents Got Rid Of (Insert Item Here)...
6/3/11 01:14 AM

I live in an apartment building that was once a hotel. The building is now not just an apartment, but leased office space, and a bank on the main floor. I'm TERRIFIED of mice and rats. Even if I see one on TV I'm shaking for hours (a result of a really bad dream). If I see one, I'm gone. The beauty is that we have a really good land lady and a really good maintenance team. One thing that would be a deal breaker are noisy or rude neighbors. Sometimes I forget I have neighbors until I hear them in the shower!!

On the other hand, my parents would hate how confined it is being in an enclosed building and all. However I feel safe and secure!!

Comfort or Looks?
5/14/11 02:43 AM

Find a recipe for puttanesca and replace the anchovies for tuna. LOVE IT!!!

Cheap Eats: 10 Ways to Use a Can of Tuna
5/14/11 02:32 AM

I love the first picture with the pink couch, the chocolate brown splatter painting, and the green palm. So warm and beautiful, love it!!!

Drexel Heritage: Traditional Style with a Twist
High Point Market Spring 2011

4/5/11 08:51 PM

I love this idea but agree that a paint pen would be a better option. Unleash the inner artist!

Go Paperless: Transform Your Walls With A Sharpie
Gus and Lula

3/27/11 05:17 PM

My problem isn't with the product itself it's the advertising. It's saying that if you don't use this product you are gross, nasty, and uncivilized. Personally I prefer products that get more than one use. This looks like paper towels in a fancy package. No thank you. If I'm going to have a plethora of guests I will fold some environmentally friendly paper towels in a nice basket (which I've seen done and looks nice). Maybe that makes me uncivilized, I can take that I've been called worse!

Product Regress: Kleenex Hand Towels
3/27/11 03:51 PM

Personally I sit at a desk at work so why would I want to sit at one at home? The only desk-type thing in my home is a dressing table in the bedroom where I primp.

Bedroom Desks: Yea or Nay
3/16/11 10:17 AM

Unless you're getting the house tour my bedroom is off limits. Plus it looks like a Valentine's Day explosion and that's not everyone's forte'!

Is Your Bedroom Off-Limits to Guests?
3/16/11 10:14 AM

I was snowed in for three days this past season. Uggh! I turned up the heat, got in my shorts and tank top, turned on some music (Santana and Bob Marley), and baked a coconut cake. Totally works!!

Got the Winter Blues? 7 Tasty Activities to Cheer You Up!
3/3/11 03:59 AM

I change my sheets once a week. You must know that I live in Kansas and due to the weather change it's needed ie flannel one week and regular another week. I also get bored and like different textures. I change my pillowcase mid week because I don't wash my hair everyday and I don't want the oils from my hair breaking my skin out. Plus I love a fresh pillowcase!

How Often Do You Change Your Sheets?
3/3/11 03:53 AM

I also store stuff in glass in the fridge esp chocolate chips and all purpose flour. If you keep flour in the fridge just bring to room temp before use. This also keeps bugs out! I love packets of red pepper flakes from the pizza parlor but they can go their own way if not careful. Those are in a bag hung in the Italian food cabinet. This can also work for other packets of spices if you use spices and seasonings that way. My powdered sugar and brown sugar are in bags in the cabinet but can easily go to the fridge if needed. I also don't have a lot of dishes and kitchen unitaskers taking up space. When I baked pies alot, I would just store the rolling pin in the freezer but now it has a different home!

No Pantry? 8 Tips for Keeping Counters Clutter-Free
3/3/11 03:46 AM

The only thing I like about Sandra Lee is that she gave me new ideas for crockpot use. Iron Chef America irritates me to no end as I loved the original Iron Chef. The only person I like watching is Alton Brown on Good Eats.

Expert Errors: The Mistakes TV Chefs Make
2/25/11 10:12 PM

I agree with many of what is being said: there's a big difference between a foodie and a food snob. For example: I think that Guy and his "Diners, Drive-in's and Dives" and Martha Stewart in general are both foodies. While they prefer their own thing they can appreciate where other stuff comes from. I think that we all have food that we simply won't eat like I will not eat liver or chitterlings no matter if my cousin is cooking them or Wolfgang Puck! However I don't judge the people that are eating them as most of them are my family and I love them dearly.

Are Foodies Single-Minded?
2/23/11 12:18 PM