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Wow, what a beautiful nursery you've created! It's exactly what I'm going for as I am currently assembling my own. We have a not-too-pretty rocker (it was my husband's when he was a baby, so we've gotta keep it), and your flokati cover is just the perfect way to cover it and make it stylish and snuggly all at once. Wonderful work!

Blair's Sweet Recycled & Repurposed Nursery My Room
12/9/13 06:55 AM

The guy on the left is *so* pleased!

The Better Marriage Blanket Banishes Bedroom Flatulence | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/13/10 10:47 AM

Take a look at Australian Aboriginal prints - the simplicity and structure are similar.

Fabrics That Are Similar to Kelly Wearstler's "Sea Urchin"? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/15/10 09:41 AM

There's a method like this I use for camping called "cowboy coffee," because it can be done on a campfire. You simply put grounds and water in a pot, bring it to a boil. When it's strong enough to your liking, you quickly drop some cold water or a hot coal into it, which makes the grounds drop to the bottom of the pot.

Perfect Cups: How To Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/18/09 08:55 AM

Ooh, I love the ones in #3. Anyone know who makes them?

Apartment Therapy New York | Inspiration: Creative Shelving Display
9/25/09 02:28 PM

Don't forget Arty at 640 S. Main in LA. The canary suicides are amazing.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Affordable Los Angeles Art Art Galleries
9/18/09 12:29 PM

I say take some close-to-life-sized pictures of yourself, or someone else, or even an animal, frame them, and secure a tie around the "neck" of each picture. A vignette of them would look neat in a hallway or above a sofa.

Apartment Therapy New York | Display and Store a Necktie Collection? Good Questions
9/17/09 12:26 PM

It's a great idea, but I know I would reach for the handle from just the wrong angle (likely during a hazy water run in the middle of the night) and accidentally drag my fingernails across it... makes me cringe just thinking about it!

Apartment Therapy New York | Beyond the Chalkboard Fridge: Decorated Refrigerators
8/27/09 04:39 PM

I would worry about the bamboo or cork scratching due to the dog... aren't they relatively soft?

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Replacing Out-dated Carpeting?
5/12/09 09:26 AM

A friend's father makes wine bottle accent lighting with his bottles. He drills a hole on the side, at the bottom of the bottle, then inserts an entire string of christmas lights through the hole. With a big jug like Carlo Rossi, you could probably drill a bigger hole and use a string of filament bulbs or larger-scale christmas lights.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Creative Reuse for Wine Bottles?
4/24/09 12:33 PM

I like those little tarts, and you can make your own from your favorite scented candles when the wick bites the dust. They never (or rarely ever) melt into oblivion, and if you get sick of the scent, you can just pop it out of the warmer and put in a new one. I keep extras in my linen closet and underwear drawer and rotate them around when I want something new or different.

The only continuing cost is buying the sack of votives at Ikea.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Love 'Em or Leave 'Em? Fragrant Candles
4/23/09 08:09 PM

I did this on a large wall to camouflage the horridly-done drywall seams. I used a dark, peacock color as the base, then taped off the stripes at random intervals and widths. Using spackle, I created a sort of "smashy" texture in the stripes, let them dry, then painted them with a medium teal color. No more seams, and it's a heck of an accent wall.

Apartment Therapy New York | ColorTherapy: Pinch Pleat Painted Stripes
4/21/09 01:44 PM

Try a couple Billy bookcases side-by-side or perched on a sideways narrow Expedit.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Cheap Ideas for Shelving?
4/14/09 10:09 AM

Any ideas for outdoor spaces that are exceedingly windy? We can't do a whole lot of decorating because of the imminent gusts of wind that destroy it all.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 5 Affordable Ways To Spruce Up A Patio
4/4/09 07:56 AM

I moved my boyfriend's entire apartment across a cobblestone courtyard and into a new apartment using only one of those folding wire granny carts (with one of the wheels held on with a pipe cleaner). The hardest part was balancing a 36" CRT TV on the top of the cart as I simultaneously tried to tip the cart back (no more than about 20 degrees) and push it forward.

I'm also a serial rearranger, but every time I do something, my boyfriend comes home mad... after a week, he relents and admits that it *does* look better this way.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Living Single Getting Things Done!
3/23/09 03:43 PM

My dad had a chair just like that since before I was born - I don't think it survived the last move. He loved that thing, and I have so many sensory memories associated with it - how it smelled, the feel of the leather, the squeaky wheels on the ottoman...

If you can't get it restored for a reasonable price, do your best to fix the bad spots and go over it with some saddle soap and oil and/or shoe polish. It's definitely a keeper!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: How Much to Recover This Chair? Los Angeles
3/21/09 09:28 AM

If only I had that much wine to store...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Kitchen Inspiration from a Parisian Style Bistro
3/19/09 07:41 PM

Maybe move the stairclimber so it's parallel to the window/glass doors, then hide it with a folding screen - although you probably have it where you do so you can watch TV while you climb... if it's fairly easy to swivel, you could just swing it toward the TV when you use it, then put it back.

And maybe the idea that we saw on AT today - put the TV in the fireplace, then re-orient your couch.

If you really don't want to stretch your cable wire halfway across the room, think about getting a taller piece of furniture to put the TV on so the large, white wall is balanced.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Help Make This Space Work Los Angeles
3/19/09 02:34 PM

I have the same problem, Pigletliver. We decided to paint a couple accent walls in very bold colors, and now we're trying to get our hands on some oversized artwork. Normal-sized framed pictures look like postage stamps on the walls.

Our largest wall we painted peacock blue/green and did some textured greenish stripes to hide the seams in the drywall. We used the same greenish hue on the opposite wall to tie them together.

We'll probably end up Rasterbating using iron-on paper and making our own large-scale artwork on canvas.

Apartment Therapy New York | Open Thread 681 New York
3/17/09 08:59 AM

I like my countertops so much, I don't want to put stuff on them!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | AT Survey: Do You Prefer Your Kitchen Countertops Bare or Cozy?
3/3/09 01:41 PM