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Ouou: What should the thin wooden plate be used for? Why does not knowing where it came from matter? I'm curious. A Google search didn't turn up much. Thanks.

Kathryn & David's Mix of Modern & Craftsman Apartment
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8/21/11 06:44 PM

I've spent half my life on the east coast, growing up and have been in San Francisco for about twenty years now and I can tell you that I've definitely been colder *inside* in San Francisco. If you live in one of those beautiful Victorian flats as I do, you know chilly. Most of those buildings aren't insulated at all and have no storm windows. There's no central heating and the architecture of the homes themselves don't lend themselves to retaining sunshine (think long and narrow). No matter how sunny it is during the day, once that four o'clock fog rolls in, watch out. I have a space heater at my feet right now-- and plastic up on the living room windows. So I don't think it's ridic that an SFer is giving tips on heat. I sleep with a hot water bottle at my feet; helps tremendously. And you know that feeling when it's cold outside and you step into a bookstore or cafe and ah! it's oh so warm inside? Yeah, that doesn't happen here either. It definitely doesn't get cold-cold, but there's not much to keep that cold outside. But on the upside, no salt on the roads to track inside and ruin the floors.

A Winter Without Heat (So Far!) Tips To Stay Warm
2/22/11 10:26 PM