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Thanks everyone! We've owned the house for 3 weeks, so this is the first room that's presentable. We've since hung artwork and are working on a cushion for the window seat. It's getting there.

@Keygirlus- we DID do a full refinish on all of the floors in the house and are in the process of re-painting the radiators.

@wseattlemom- thank you for your suggestions! We did test for lead and are working on painting the radiators with heat-resistant paint.

Before & After: Gorgeous Dining Room Makeover
Aesthetic Outburst

8/17/11 06:15 PM

Thank you so much, everyone! :) Abbey

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6/30/10 04:55 PM

:) Thanks so much for your comments! The crib is from Walmart (my parents bought it for us as a gift) and, to be honest, it actually hasn't held up very well at all. It's part of their Roxanne collection. The map is screwed into the window frame and works great!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Look! Emmett's Room Makeover
2/5/09 08:38 PM

Hi! Thanks for posting this (this is my house) and thank you ALL for your comments. My husband and I are both artists, so we certainly didn't mean to treat artwork disrespectfully or use it as pure decoration...we hung everything this way to unite and display pieces by a variety of artists (friends, family, etsy, etc), odd collections, scraps of paper, etc. I do appreciate the mix of opinions and think that "good taste" should be challenged often.

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5/11/08 06:13 AM

For things like this in the past, I've used clip boards from an office supply store. You hang the clip boards in whatever grid you want and then just clip the prints on. I like this way of hanging things because it's inexpensive and you can change out the artwork easily. Also, clipboards come in a variety of sizes (and colors).

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1/28/08 06:11 PM