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Thanks for the tips!

Anna's Bigger Small Space in Germany House Call
3/4/13 07:16 AM

Thank you Benita,

We got the dining table as a hand me down from my in-laws.

Like I said most of our decor is second hand.

Anna's Bigger Small Space in Germany House Call
3/4/13 07:16 AM

What a wonderful idea for a post!

they have some great solutions!



World of Wardrobes: Style Bloggers' Open Closets
10/24/11 02:31 PM

Thank you all for the lovely comments!

My shop is called "Olive Green Anna"

It is at:

I also have a blog at:

Thanks again. Apartment therapy is so great!


Anna's Cozy Collections
4/10/11 02:52 PM

Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Roozter, Yes that is a violin. It is not Chinese but it is Thai. A wonderful toy. My husband and I are very musical.

Anna's Cozy Collections
4/7/11 03:48 PM

you Win.

Joshua's "Vintage Primary" Room
4/7/11 03:45 PM

oh my goosenest I want those olive green chairs so very much! wonderful work


Loi's Sunshine State Home
4/7/11 03:43 PM

Do you have a tiniest tiny category?

Our flat here in Germany is 111sq ft.

I am submitting!!!


On Your Marks, Get Set… Small Cool 2011!
3/30/11 04:09 AM

oh my goosenest I love this collection.

Thank you much.


Plumo: Global Finds Online
Store Profile

3/28/11 05:22 PM

These are some really great ideas.

Thank you for the little collection.

There are also some wicked shops, on etsy that feature interesting frameless ideas. like


Ideas for Displaying Photos Without Using Frames
2/21/11 02:00 PM

This space is really very charming.

I appreciate the vibrant colors. The bed is so very wonderful.

Thank you for sharing your home and DS for writing about it


Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?
House Tour Roundup

2/21/11 01:55 PM