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I think this might be a useful page for you. Even though it's not real leather you should still be able to emboss it. Don't be put off by all the talk of CNC machines. You could do this by cutting out and mounting a shape from MDF using a saw. Or if you don't want to do that you should be able to use a precut shape from a craft store. Mount it on a flat backing piece. If you don't have a embossing machine (which lets face it aren't normally the sort of thing we keep in the spare drawer) you could do a small shape and use a bench vice. Place the embossing place flat on the table with something to protect it underneath, Place the die on the surface and screw down the vice to apply pressure. if you don't want it to mark both sides slide a solid sheet into the case. It should work and I have used this method before although it's a little hit and miss so don't hold me to it.

Ideas for Personalizing Faux Leather Tablet Cover? Good Questions
4/24/14 03:02 PM

I would add on 14) lay out a card in the guest room with the details on how to connect to the internet. You can always have a 'guest password' if you're uncomfortable or worried about security. When I have just arrived I often need to check emails or online orders and asking if you can have the password etc often seems a little bit like an imposition. I also really appreciate when a plug is left free next to the bed so I can charge my devices without wondering what will happen if I unplug something!

Also the need for a little space (and an excuse to have it) does wonders for my mood when I've had a long hard journey. I tend to make guests a nice cuppa, show them to their room and disappear so they can unpack making it clear that they can shower if they want. The one thing I am TERRIBLE at is planning what to do with them. I tend to play things by ear but a lot of my guests want an itinerary list of what I can offer in the form of entertainment and I can find that quite stressful. Maybe a tip for being a good guest is to know and respect your host's attitude towards life.

How To Be a Great Host: 13 Tips
3/31/14 02:22 PM

Oh round of applause AT. I totally thought this was going to be a serious post but instead it was puns and eye candy, just what I needed today. I might make word art saying "Edison is my totem animal" - out of old pipes of course.

10 Tell-Tale Signs Your Home Style is:

3/10/14 04:19 PM

Cute idea though, if you were a renter with bland blinds in a baby's room then you could do accent stripes on the blinds using washi tape.

Before & After: Meredith's Blinds Get a Beautiful, Budget Makeover
3/7/14 01:45 PM

Textiles, you seem to have a massive issue with people doing up the nursery. This was a round up of how to decorate a crib and NOT a post about specific crib safety issues (because anyone who blindly copies everything they see online without checking if it's safe, particularly in regards to child care, is clearly not fit to raise a child anyway but that's beside the point). To address you actual criticisms directly.

1) The tassel on the crib were there as part of a photo shoot of a nursery which was not yet housing a baby. A reviewer pointed out it could be a chocking hazard (in a nice polite way) and the mother immediately posted saying they would be better hung in the window then.
2) bumpers were only said to be dangerous by the American Academy of Pediatrics at the end of 2011. One of the pictures is dated 2008 (when the official position was that they were perfectly safe as long as they were not 'pillow like') and the second was from just before that ruling in 2011 and the woman states they will not be in the crib till the child is much older and that they then transform into part of a day bed (yeah I didn't get that either) so I presume that by the child was old enough for her to put them in she would've changed her mind.

Or y'know, you could carry on instantly assuming that these people know that that they are putting their children at danger but just don't care because their 'sick idea' for a project is so pinnable.

Make It Yours: A Dozen Ideas for Customizing a Basic Big Box Store Crib
3/5/14 06:05 PM

@vb01 - The Frosta was discontinued in America but we still have it in most of Europe.

Weekend Project Ideas: 10 Power Tool-Free IKEA Hacks to Try
2/9/14 07:33 PM

My father is the vicar (minister) of a small parish church in England which has an unusually high number of young families in. Needless to say the style of the short family service on christmas day is best described as 'pantomime'. One year on christmas eve my Dad because really very ill with flu and the whole of my family at the last minute had to hold a christmas service for 350+ people. Luckly the people attending were very understanding about the many mistakes - particularly the spectacular moment when I was running down an isle with the microphone and a small child poked his head out resulting in me taking a flying leep and kicking the small child firmly in the face (the child was surprisingly okay afterwards!). Our family still can't stop laughing when we talk about the year that my dad did his best to tell the story of "Mawee and Doseph".

Our Craziest Family Christmas Ever:
And How We Managed To Survive It

12/16/13 02:10 PM

@Joy Beth. Not sure what I admire more: your entry, your backsplash or your comeback!

Joy's \"Jewel Box Galley\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/23/13 08:13 AM

@Mary B C I live in a town in England and love shopping in charity shops. Around here a cheapy plasticy desk from a thrift shop would set you back a minimum of £25/ $38 However in the next big town a desk would set you back about £15/ $23. I can't see why if there is a variation in price between towns in England there wouldn't be a variation in price across states in America.

Also the figure of $60 being bandied about is the price including the tools/finishes/wax etc. Material cost she states to be about $26. Assuming any thift store peice would require her to buy these same items to refurbish it actually she would need to have found a clean lined solid wood table for $26/£16 and if you can do that over there I am living in the wrong country.

Besides, C'mon. She's gonna make one for her sibling - try and tell me that doesn't make you a bit warm and fuzzy!

Before & After: Desk Made from an IKEA Bed Base
9/1/13 12:23 PM

So before the health and safety brigade begin bashing this saying pallets are full of nasty chemicals I have to point out that not ALL of them are, only some are treated that way and you can tell by the markings on them. Many palets (specially one only used within the EU) aren't treated with anything that's nasty or dangerous. As long as spliters are sanded and the wood is left to dry out totally they are totally safe for use inside.

I am totally digging this fort. I would love to see what it would
ve looked like if they had sanded down the pallets and maybe white washed them then varnished but still I'm sure the 5 year old me wouldn't complain at all! Heck if someone wants to built me a cubby now I'd be totally delighted!

DIY Inspiration: Pallet Play House
2/7/13 05:30 PM

Goodness what a lot of hating, the message in the comments seems to be one off gestures, events and ‘activities’ such as those mentioned in the post are vacuous and the best way to teach kindness is to demonstrate it day to day.

The thing is the writer agrees, before saying anything else on teaching kindness she writes “The obvious is that modelling such behaviour is the best and first thing we as parents should do if we want to see it in our children”. She also says that volunteering is ALSO a good way to keep it alive – not solely to teach but as one way to demonstrate kindness to others. On one of the links she highlights letting the children help to cook the food for volunteering – how is this different than having the children in the car when dropping off food cans or trainers?

Thankfulness, gratefulness and kindness are taught by example but for some children, particularly a young child such as the one in the post, something tangible to help demonstrate the principle may be helpful: or maybe we should teach all behaviour without anything such as sticker charts, naughty steps, time out or the word ‘No’ – after all if the ONLY thing children need is example then such things are as superfluous as the thankfulness jar.

I also believe that the child in the post does demonstrate kindness. To write a thank you letter is a behaviour that can be taught (or prompted) by parents and carers. Politeness and thankfulness is a good base for any child. The child took this further, thought about it by themselves and then wanted to thank the elves (who to him are real) for their work even though it wasn’t necessary. Yes at the moment he’s kind to imaginary beings but what makes anyone think that the respect and giving spirit he’s already showing everyone won’t one day translate into respect and giving to those less fortunate and decidedly less fictional?

Sounds like you’re doing a good job, keep it up!

Ideas for Teaching Kindness to Children
1/4/13 06:16 AM

It's good to hear from the original author of the video regarding longevity. I'm actually planning on doing this in my rental because when I moved in there was a 20 year old commercial off white carpet down. The landlady was going to remove and replace it before I moved in but in return for us being allowed to bring out puppy she left it. She also cuts me a nice deal on the rent so I wouldn't be able to beat the price I pay looking elsewhere for somewhere with nice floors and as I plan to move in about 4 years it only needs to last that long. For £250 I am happy to lay over carpet as it's cheeper than renting a cleaning machine every three months and the final condition of the carpet isn't important (though I will damp proof it). I think that if can do laminate correctly then definatly do it, laying over a carpet if you don't need to is lazy and silly but if it's only a short(ish) term fix for somewhere you can't remove the carpet then it's not a bad idea.

Covering Up Ugly Rental Apartment Carpeting With Laminate Flooring
5/13/12 02:11 PM

@Arlingtonchick - don't worry, I'm from england and I tend to feel exactly like that whenever I see a project on here with american supliers. I'm sure you will manage to find someone who can suply it over your side of the pond too (and most likely in several more varieties than we can get over here!)

Issy's Garden Office in the Sky My Great Outdoors
4/17/12 06:04 PM

Wow MiddleIsGold really is still bitter. I was allowed to decorate my own room from Teenage years onwards and trust me it got a bit mental (there was a funny patch on my ceiling so I stuffed an old pair of jeans and attatched them up so it looked like someone was had fallen through my ceiling to cover it up - I can still remember the cleaning ladies' screams) However while I had the privilage to decorate my own room my parents had the right to veto anything that they didn't think was wise/safe! A healthy balance can be achieved.

Decorating Kids' Rooms: How Much Input Did Your Child Have?
4/15/12 02:12 PM

I enjoyed having a look at all these ideas but I enjoyed the writting style even more! Made me laugh.

10 DIY Seed Markers for Your Garden
4/15/12 12:42 PM

Perfect timing, was just off to Ikea this weekend to by the countertop for my office desk.Good to know I'm not the only one using it like this.

Before & After: Amber's 2-For-1 Home Office Makeover
4/3/12 03:07 PM

Did anyone else read this as sleeping under the stairs and think "Oh thank goodness I wasn't the only one who had 'camping trips' under there when I was little!" - No, just me then. More on topic we bought the ladybird version of the turtle for our neice and the first time they put it on her parents sat watching the stars while she fell asleep in no time.

Sleeping Under the Stars: Star Projection Lights Roundup
3/28/12 06:45 PM

I think that crates must be cheeper over the water than they are in England, the cheepest I can find them over here is about £15 a crate (about $23) with shipping. Maybe I will go hunting in costco!

10 DIY Wine Crate Projects
2/24/12 10:25 PM

I have a feeling that you would be very happy in my closest toy shop which is Little Imps in Glastonbury. Its current display is a 4 foot slot together wooden tree complete with multi level tree house. I don’t know a single adult that doesn’t sigh like a child when they walk past it!

A Toy Snob Visits the Toy Fair (And Awards Fake Prizes)
2/20/12 07:56 PM

This would look gorgeous made out of an old suitcase on legs and would have the added benifit of being easy to close over for an extra surface if need be.

A Super Easy Way to Organize Children's Books

2/11/12 01:13 PM