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I LOVE Shannon's blog and love these monthly photos. Shannon is hysterical and her humor really shines in her blog.

Gabriel's Humorous Monthly Baby Photo
3/7/11 08:03 PM

Hi all! Colin's mom here. Thanks so much for commenting on this post! It is really great to have been featured on Ohdeedoh.

To address a couple of concerns: The "nursery" gets more than enough light- the opposite side of the room is actually a wall of windows to our patio, so it is actually making it dark enough for a nap that is a concern, but Colin seems to do fine. Also, there is more than enough circulation as we have a fan in the closet which is on constantly. My husband and I considered all the concerns of putting our 5 month old in such a tight space, but it suits our needs- we need an office space that is separate from the bedroom more than Colin needs a large room that is separate from us. Especially now that he is in the throes of teething, I am especially happy to have him nearby. And I do let him out of the closet on occasion, when he is being a really good boy (kidding!). But more than that, children need a place to lie their heads- anything big enough to fit a crib (from which they cannot escape) is large enough at this age. He plays in other rooms in our home.
The crib is by Stokke- in the grey as a previous poster answered. The prints are by Sharon Montrose- we love them! I am in the process of creating a "Sources" page on my blog, I hope you will stop by and check it out!

My Room: Colin
Boston, MA

2/18/11 11:01 AM